Watch This Video To See the Perfect Example Of Why You Should Never Do CrossFit

Watch This Video To See the Perfect Example Of Why You Should Never Do CrossFit

“Oh boy. What in the actual f*ck is going on in this video?”

Was the first thing that came to my mind when I watched this.

Crossfit is very controversial, some people love it while others hate it and think it’s a waste of time.

Now, after a few years working for BroScience I’ve realised that not all Crossfit gym are created equal.

Some or complete shit (like in the video below) while others are actually pretty decent. They lift heavy ass weights with quality trainers by their side that all have proper background in weightlifting and bodybuilding.

Now, that is definitely NOT the case in this video below.

You’ll quickly realise that the people in the video do not have proper trainers by their side.

I can’t believe that the people are actually that stupid to go through that workout.

But each to their own. I hope they find a proper crossfit gym soon though.

Because they’ll ruin their body very soon if they keep doing stupid shit like that.

After I’ve watched this now three times and I still don’t understand how the trainers are saying that this form is OK? WTF?

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15 thoughts on “Watch This Video To See the Perfect Example Of Why You Should Never Do CrossFit”

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    Inconvenient Truth

    Believe it or not this is an actual lift. it’s called the continental axel clean and jerk. The lifter uses an axel bar which is thicker than a regular barbell and doesn’t spin, so they have to flip their hands in order to complete the press. Look it up though.

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      I second this. Very common in strongman lifts with axel bars. When you have a minute to hit as many clean/press reps of 230lbs+ this is the only way to go.

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        Larz Talor Razz Rasmussen

        What?! No! There is no way that you rest that weight on your midsection? If they continue this there will be back problems!!

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      I’m sure it is, but there are ways of doing it properly, where you benefit and build strength, and ways of doing where the most likely outcome is to do in your back/shoulders/anything really while cascading weights onto your feet. They’re obviously mostly simply not strong enough nor are lifting in any way properly.
      Jesus there’s a DOG wandering through the gym.

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    straight hacks running this establishment……..although crossfit has done alot to bring barbell lifting to the mainstream, its hacks like the one’s facilitating this bafoonery that make crossfit a real dumb fitness option…..these “clients” are better off om their own but they have fallen victim to the crossfitt pyramid scheme

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    Larz Talor Razz Rasmussen

    A clean and jerk doesn’t look like this! Find this gym and shut it down or train the instructed to the right ways!

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        yes, but these people in the original video were not lifting like this, they didn’t have belts, they leaned WAY far back and the weights were obviously too heavy for some of them.

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    Its not the crossfit`s fault that some people doesnt know how to lift properly, how to use the right form, and choose the right weight. They shouldnt lift if they have no clue how to do it

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    The weights on the bar aren’t even secured, slewing left and right, that’ll throw anyone off. Everybody GTFO

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