Watch Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman Still Lifting Heavy Ass Weights At 51 Years Old

Watch Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman Still Lifting Heavy Ass Weights At 51 Years Old

The man was as dominant as Schwarzenegger and Haney before him, but his massive size was almost otherworldly. The man made a behemoth like Jay Cutler look small in comparison when he was at the top of his game. Coleman faced off against an impressive list of contenders including the likes of Kevin Levrone and Flex Wheeler. He beat them all with his freaky size and definition and was considered almost unbeatable during his reign as champion.

We’ve all heard that Coleman has challenged his old rival Jay Cutler to the 2016 Olympia stage, a challenge that most everyone hasn’t taken all that seriously. Well, if anyone was taking that challenge seriously it was undoubtedly Coleman himself. The man has been working hard in the gym recently and that work appears to be paying off. Recently Coleman took to Instagram to show the naysayers that he still has some gas in the tank and prove that he can make 180 pound dumbbells still look like nothing by toys in his grasp. Take a look.

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Trying my best to get these last heavy workouts in before my next surgery which is scheduled for this Friday. Also trying my best to get these traps bigger. The closer the day for surgery gets here, the more I'm regretting having to have another but I wouldn't have it any other way because this is who I am. This is in my DNA, to lift as hard and heavy as I can while I can. I don't know any other way to do it and leave it up to me, I'm never getting to old for this shit, Never. Just looking forward to the day after the surgery is over to getting back in the gym so I can go hard and heavy again. Like I said after my last post, after this surgery, it's gonna be on like Donkey Kong. #yeahbuddy 💻#lightweightbaby #aintnothingbutapeanut #aintnothingbutabucketofpeanuts

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Via the guys at Generation Iron btw they have a podcast with Kai Greene coming soon!

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