How To Use Carbs the Right Way to Get Sixpack Abs

Use Carbs the Right Way to Get Sixpack Abs

carbs to get sixpack abs

The different types of Carbohydrates

Simple – the quickest-digesting form of carbohydrates, they move through our systems quickly and are void of any notable quantity of key nutrients.

Worst of all, they often contain refined sugars which are physique killers. These types of carbs will provide you with a quick jolt of energy followed by an equally quick pass-out.

Coke, Gatorade, fruit juice and chocolate bars are all examples of food that contain simple sugars.

Complex – unlike their simple counterparts, complex carbohydrates take the body much longer to break down and provide you with a much longer spurt of energy.

They are more calorie dense and are generally more natural foods such as sweet potatoes, rice and oats.

People who are highly active will need more complex carbs to provide them with sustained energy and to replace all the calories that are being burned during exercise.

Fibrous Carbs – These are the most filling carbs as they are very calorie dense.

In addition to being loaded with helpful nutrients they also don’t impact blood sugar levels so you won’t experience an energy crash after eating them.

These include broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and kale.

Due to their density and minimal impact on blood sugar levels, we highly recommend eating lots of fibrous carbs as they can help provide you with the nutrients and energy you need when you are on a restricted diet.

Programs – Use a solid program that allows you to take advantage of consuming carbs the right way for your body. – take the 30 second survey to find out which nutrition and training program is recommended for you.

When to consume carbs in your diet

Cheat meals – Aside from keeping your morale up and taking a break from foods you might not like, cheat meals can actually be a great way to increase your metabolism.

Normally when your body recognizes the amount of calories being consumed has dropped, it will slow down the fat-burning process as it wants to make sure it has enough to withstand any absence of new food.

This is simply evolutionary biology and in reality the chances you will have access to no food tomorrow is pretty slim but our bodies quiet haven’t caught up with the 21st century reality of life. Back to the point – when you consume your cheat meal, you signal to your body that there is still plenty of food coming in and that it is ok to continue burning fat.

So help yourself to a few cheat meals a week or combine them into one giant cheat day!

So how should you structure your cheat meals? Well, you get four a week and we recommend choosing either to have one epic weekly cheat day, or to spread them out throughout the week. Changing your plan around can cause you to consume too many cheat meals so we recommend choosing one plan and sticking to it.

Generally speaking, you want to maintain a balance of 85% clean to 15% junk. Keep in mind though any excess calories you consume on your cheat day need to be compensated for during the rest of the week either by reducing calories or performing additional cardio work.

Do you want to maximize your fat burning potential?

If your answer to that question is NO, then stop reading right here this paragraph is not for you.

There are certain ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help your body lose as much fat as possible.

What these ingredients allow your body to do is:

  • Reduce water retention- so you will look more ripped because you hold less water
  • Increase the metabolic rate in your body, in other words you will burn more calories throughout the day
  • Increase your energy, you will have more energy which can help you get a better workout in especially if you are on a low carb diet.
  • Suppress appetite and eliminate hunger cravings, which is essential for those who are trying to lose fat.

Some fat burning supplements contain these scientifically proven ingredients – See these ingredients in our report here.

If you want to take your cut to the next level and get shredded faster a great way to do that is supplementing with a proven fat burning formula.

These supplements are not created equal so make sure you choose a fat burning supplements that contains scientifically proven ingredients.


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