This unique fasted diet will help boost brain power, cut fat and lose weight

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Everywhere you go, you are faced with food.

Any time of the day, there are going to be many options available to you, from 24 hour McDonalds to the local convenience store. Restaurants advertise their all you can eat buffets.

Even in the media that we consume on the internet and television is filled with food porn. It is no surprise then that so many people are obese in this day and age. One of the trends that have come back in recent times to curb this accumulation of fat is fasting.

For thousands of years people have fasted for religious reasons. When you sleep and go without food for between 8 and 12 hours, this is even a form of fasting.

You can achieve some great results to your health if you incorporate fasting into one of the day’s in your week.

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Hormonal changes

Your hormones will quickly adapt when you start fasting. Your insulin levels will fall, meaning that it is easier to burn fat. When you cut down on calories, more growth hormone is released into your blood and this will help in the accumulation of muscle and burning of fat.


Drop fat and weight

When you are eating less calories, of course you will lose weight. Doing this for a prolonged period however will slow down your metabolism and lead to huge hunger cravings.

Fasting will temporarily drop your calories so you can achieve some fat loss with little effort. You will also be able to give a short term boost to your metabolism. Visceral fat around the organ is not very healthy and fasting will help you to reduce it.

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Brain boosting

When you get older, your brain starts to deteriorate with the rest of the body. Many people will start to develop mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s Disease as a result.

By fasting a couple of days weekly, you can significantly improve cognitive function. You will be sharper and your body will use ketones as fuel as opposed to the usual glucose.

Evening jogging walk with a dog silhouettes
Evening jogging walk with a dog silhouettes

How to fast

There are different approaches that you can take. Some people will fast for two whole days, while others will do intermittent fasting where you would fats every other day or just two days weekly.

You can even just do 16-20 hour fats to see some of the health benefits. To keep yourself full, eat foods that are packed with protein and those foods that are not calorie dense, like vegetables.

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