Turinabol Review: SHOCKING Benefits and Gains From This Cycle

Turinabol: We Expose the Truth and Reveal Everything About This Dangerous Steroid

Do you want to know the shocking truth about the steroid, Turinabol? Then keep reading, as this article will let you into its darkest secrets!

Before I get down to the detail though, I want to ask you something:

Do you ever think you are asking too much of your weight training?

turinabol steroid results

What I’m trying to say is this:

You want to have tight toned impressive muscles, but you don’t want the fat gains which often come with that.

What’s more, you want the strength and endurance to power through massive rep sessions like a beast, but also want to recover quickly to hit it again hard!

You’re with me on that, right?

Fact is we just want it all. And it seems impossible.

Well, there is one way to achieve it.

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Bodybuilders and athletes have used Turinabol to reach these seemingly unattainable targets.

They have dropped fat like crazy while retaining impressive lean muscle mass. Strength has increased and endurance has gone through the damn roof!

They have it all.

But you’ve guessed it. With results like these, there has to be a catch, yeah?

Steroids, including Turinabol, come with unpleasant side effects. They are also illegal.

So here’s the deal:

In this Turinabol article, I will give you all the information you need about this synthetic drug. It’s history, formulation, pros and cons – and whether there are any alternatives.

This article will not shy away from the truth.

Warning! The author of this article is not a qualified, licensed physician. This article is for entertainment purposes only and does not express our opinion. We do not promote the use of the substance discussed, and the information contained within this publication is not intended to persuade or encourage the reader to use this illegal substance. The substance discussed here should be used only under the advice of a qualified, licensed physician.
The legal bodybuilding supplement industry has come far, and at the end of this article I will reveal how you can get the results legally and without side effects. Click here to jump to that section now.

What Is Turinabol?

turinabol steroids

I’ll start with the obvious. Turinabol is an anabolic steroid. It’s also known as 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone, Oral Turinabol or Tbol.

Let me make something clear:

I don’t agree with or condone the use of steroids. I have been able to get a ripped physique without touching these synthetics. Check out my results using “legal steroid alternatives” here.

But they are effective.

Ok, now that’s clear, let’s carry on!

The Science

Turinabol is a cross between the steroids Dianabol (methandrostenolone) and Clostebol (4-chlorotestosterone). This conjunction creates a double bond at the carbon 1 and carbon 2 positions, and has a chloro at carbon 4.

Here’s what that means in real terms:

Turinabol cannot be aromatized. That is, it will not turn into estrogen to prevent muscle growth or promote female traits. Which is good news!

Turinabol History

Originally, Turinabol was manufactured by the East German company, Jenapharm, back in 1961.

It’s one of the more famous steroids among the general public. That’s because it was this steroid which was routinely administered for over 25 years to the East German Olympic team.1 2

Here’s the scary part:

These athletes did not know they were being doped. The pills were administered to them under the pretense of being ‘vitamins’.3

The fallout meant that Jenapharm stopped producing Turinabol and it is now only available on the black market. In most countries in the world, it is now illegal for performance use.

What Is Turinabol Used For?

In general, Turinabol is used for two main functions:

  • Increasing strength and endurance – hence its popularity with both bodybuilders and athletes
  • Retaining lean muscle and shedding fat during cutting

It is this benefit as a cutting steroid that makes Turinabol very attractive.

While this steroid is anabolic (i.e. it promotes muscle growth), it is nowhere near as powerful as other steroids, such as Deca Durabolin.

However, it will help retain lean muscle mass while shedding fat.

The result?

After a cutting cycle with Turinabol, the excess pounds have gone. Yet muscle mass remains, leading to a clean, defined and vascular physique.

turinabol muscle

How Do You Take Turinabol?

Turinabol is taken in oral capsule form. There is no injectable version of this anabolic steroid.

Turinabol Effects: 4 things it does to your body

Let’s get this straight:

Turinabol is illegal. Currently it is not manufactured by any commercial pharmaceutical companies. The only source is from underground labs.

But it is still fairly easy to obtain.

The fact that guys are manufacturing this steroid for the black market shows there is a demand. And the demand is there because it does have powerful effects.

Let me show you the Turinabol benefits:

1. Increases Red Blood Cell Count

turinabol blood

Boosting red blood cell numbers is essential for both the athlete and the bodybuilder.

Here’s why:

It’s these cells that carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissues (on the hemoglobin molecule).  Hence, the more red blood cells you have in your body, the more oxygen reaches the parts that require it most.4

An increase in oxygen volume results in:

  • Faster and larger muscle growth
  • Increases in stamina and endurance
  • Improvements to recovery time
  • Increases in strength

2. Reduces Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)

When testosterone is bound to SHBG, it is unable to be utilized by the body for anabolic purposes.

Turinabol can reduce the amount of SHBG. This results in more ‘free’ testosterone, which can assist with fat loss, muscle gains and strength increases.5

Listen to this:

It is particularly important when being used as a stack. It prevents the powerful benefits of other steroids being tied up with SHBG.

3. Raises Nitrogen Retention

Turinabol improves the volume of nitrogen retained in the muscles.

This gas is essential for muscle growth and protection. Having large amounts ensures that the body can utilize these reserves as and when required.

Hence, during a cutting cycle, having the body in an anabolic state means that hard earned lean muscle mass is not lost along with the fat.

4. Increases Muscle Protein Synthesis

turinabol protein

Like testosterone, Turinabol raises the rate of muscle protein synthesis. Although not to the same level.

As the muscles become damaged through resistance training, the body compensates by ‘reinforcing’ them through protein synthesis.6

This means that the muscle strands are repaired, making them stronger and larger.

The bottom line:

By using Turinabol, muscle growth and, importantly when cutting, muscle retention, is increased.

Turinabol Cycle, Dosage and Stack

Warning! Please remember that the author of this article is not a qualified, licensed physician. We do not promote the use of the substance discussed, and the information contained within this publication is not intended to persuade or encourage the reader to use this illegal substance.

As you will recall, I do not recommend steroids.

However, for purely educational and entertainment purposes, I will detail the Turinabol dosage. In addition, I’ll tell you how apparently bodybuilders have cycled it and when they have combined with other synthetics.

For athletic use or for a mild anabolic effect in bodybuilding, a typical Turinabol cycle would look like this:

Turinabol – 30 mg per day – week 1 to week 12

In all cycles, it’s recommended to follow the time-on, time-off method.

Using Turinabol in this way will promote good athletic improvements. It would also suit someone just looking for slight muscle gains – not massive bulking.

Listen up:

Turinabol effects, when combined with other steroids, are the most impressive.

Let me explain:

Firstly, if on a serious calorie deficit when cutting, muscle mass can be lost, not just the fat. Turinabol acts as a lean muscle protector while assisting with shedding the pounds.

Secondly, as mentioned earlier, Turinabol reduces the binding power of SHBG. This means any other steroids taken will not be ‘handcuffed’ to this protein and are allowed to work as effectively as possible.

Get this:

If used during a cutting phase, Turinabol could be typically stacked with testosterone enanthate and Winstrol.

For a bulking stack, with Turinabol acting to reduce SHBG, it would work well with testosterone cypionate and Deca Durabolin.

Guys, be careful.

Stacking steroids obviously raises the side effects dramatically. Always ensure that you have tried each steroid individually before you combine; you never know how your body will react.

turinabol man

Turinabol Results

Although anabolic, Turinabol is not going to provide results of hulk-like proportions. It’s not designed for use in that way.

However, for use during cutting, making small Turinabol gains and improving athletic ability, it does deliver.

Typical Turinabol results are:

  • Increases in strength
  • Improved stamina
  • Raised endurance
  • Faster recovery times
  • Retained lean muscle during cutting
  • Toned muscle definition – when used purely as an anabolic
  • Improvement in stacked results due to SHBG inhibition

Turinabol is also very effective for females. A dosage below 5 mg per day can yield good muscle gain results without creating the ‘male’ characteristics, such as body hair growth.

In summary:

Turinabol can produce worthwhile results, both as a performance and athletic steroid, while also retaining that all-important muscle during cutting.

But here come the downsides!

Turinabol Side Effects

turinabol side

I really do not want to promote any steroid at all.

However, when it comes to Turinabol, it is one of the more gentle synthetic anabolic drugs.

Listen up:

On many online forums and Turinabol reviews, you will hear it often referred to as being a ‘safer’ anabolic steroid than its counterparts.

Personally, I’d prefer to call it ‘not quite as dangerous’ as the others, as it still has some serious side effects.

Usage of Turinabol can lead to:

  • Body hair growth, clitoris enlargement and voice deepening in females (over 5 mg dosage)
  • Raised LDL (bad cholesterol) and reduced HDL (good cholesterol) through the altered methandrostenolone 7
  • Heart issues – through increased cholesterol 8
  • Inhibited natural testosterone production
  • Liver damage 9

There are a couple of points I would like to stress:

Firstly, as with all steroids, Turinabol inhibits natural testosterone production.

This means, once you have finished a cycle, your body will not be producing enough testosterone and needs a kick-start.

Often, it never recovers fully, even with post-cycle therapy (PCT). You could be addicted to steroids for the rest of your life just to keep testosterone at a healthy level.

Secondly, and this is very important:

Many steroids, although illegal without prescription, can be bought through the ‘back-door’. These steroids are being made legally for pharmaceutical or veterinary use.

Although they are still being bought illegally for performance gains.

Turinabol is not one of those.

This steroid is not made by any of the legitimate pharmas, which means getting hold of the product is like a lottery.

You do not know what it contains, how potent it is, what is has been mixed with, or even if it is a genuine steroid.

If ever was a reason to steer clear, that’s it.

Legal Steroid Alternatives: How to get results like on turinabol legally and without side-effects?

turinabol results 2

Doesn’t seem fair does it?

First, I tell you how amazing and effective Turinabol is for athletic and cutting performance.

Then I knock you down by telling you it will wreck your balls, give you heart disease and you may be buying ‘fake’ steroids anyway!

Well, let me give you some good news!

Get this guys:

There is a safe and legal alternative!

Through scientific research, boffins have come up with supplements that mimic the effects of anabolic steroids, but without the health and legal implications.

It’s true!

These supplements, made from 100% natural ingredients, are amazing.

They provide the benefits of strength increase, muscle gain and fat loss, with no downsides!

But a quick word of warning:

Not all supplements are the same.

Always ensure that you are purchasing from a reputable supplier and that their ingredients are scientifically backed to be effective!

Get this:

These guys have an incredible selection of legal steroid alternatives (click here to read my review of legal steroids) that mimic the most well-known steroids on the market.

Let me throw an example at you: The Cutting Stack

turinabol cutting

CrazyBulk have combined some of these phenomenal supplements in a cutting stack. So, just as you would combine Turinabol for a cutting cycle, CrazyBulk have done the hard work for you.

But it’s legal and safe!

Here’s what it contains:

  • Anvarol – pushes strength through the roof, retains lean muscle and raises energy levels
  • Testo-Max – boosts testosterone to promote muscle growth and fat loss but without damaging your balls
  • Clenbutrol – preserves muscles and helps cutting
  • Winsol – reduces water retention, increases vascularity and protects muscle during cutting

This awesome cutting stack will dramatically help burn the fat and retain muscle. Leaving you with a chiseled physique and a phenomenal dry look.

In Conclusion

Although one of the ‘least dangerous’ steroids, Turinabol still comes with some very alarming side effects.

Is Turinabol legal?

In the USA and UK, Turinabol is classed as an anabolic steroid. It can only be obtained on prescription for medical requirements, not performance enhancing needs.

Although some countries do differ, in general they are restricted throughout the world. 10 11


This synthetic is not made by any pharmaceutical companies, it’s all underground. Finding a way to buy Turinabol is no different from obtaining a recreational drug from the dodgy area of town.

It all seems a bit dirty.

Truth is, real Turinabol does have impressive results when used for cutting. But it’s illegal and dangerous.

Companies such as CrazyBulk have solved this issue.

By developing natural supplements that are both safe and legal, they have provided the key to jaw-dropping results.

Here’s my advice guys:

Get yourself legal steroid alternatives, such as those provided by CrazyBulk, and steer clear of the steroids.

You will still look ripped, but you will avoid the hospital and the jail!


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