Trenavar - Is It Really Legal and Does it Work Like Steroids?

Trenavar – Is It Really Legal and Does it Work Like Steroids?

So you’re looking to find out more about Trenavar, right?

Is this just another name for trenbolone?

No, but it does have similarities to trenbolone.

So you need to find out what the deal is, right?

Stick with me and by the end of this article you will know all there is to know about Trenavar.

So it’s a duel:

Trenavar vs trenbolone!

I’m going to reveal all; the similarities to trenbolone, the effects you will get from using it and what effect it will have on your health if you do.

You must remember that the use of Trenavar is illegal in some countries. By giving you this information, we are not recommending you use it.

Warning! The author of this article is not a qualified, licensed physician. This article is for entertainment purposes only and does not express our opinion. We do not promote the use of the substance discussed, and the information contained within this publication is not intended to persuade or encourage the reader to use this illegal substance. The substance discussed here should be used only under the advice of a qualified, licensed physician.
The legal bodybuilding supplement industry has come far, and at the end of this article I will reveal how you can get results legally and without side effects. Click here to jump to that section now.

But don’t leave now!

You need to find out more first!

The first thing you want to know is:

What is Trenavar?


Trenavar is technically classed as a prohormone, a very powerful one.

It first came in around 2012 and everyone saw it as a new ‘designer supplement’.

The name Trenavar is a combination of the names of two steroids; trenbolone and anavar.

So this can give you an idea of its effects!

It is also known as trendione, so whichever you want to call it, Trenavar trendione, I’m just going to stick with Trenavar.

But what does all this mean?

Trenavar is sold as an oral diet supplement, but in actual fact, when it enters the body it converts into a steroid.

So you get the same effects from it as if you were using an anabolic steroid.

In fact, when it enters the body, it converts to trenbolone, which is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids available.

There have been many prohormones which convert to trenbolone when in the body but the others have been far weaker than this one. This is what makes Trenavar a very special prohormone.

Trenavar has the same double bonds as trenbolone but the difference is that Trenavar has a 17-ketone, rather than a 17b hydroxy function. When Trenavar enters the body, it is hydrolysed into trenbolone.

Trenavar is also different in that it can be taken orally, whereas trenbolone is injected.

Another difference between Trenavar and trenbolone is the cost.

Trenbolone is a very expensive hormone.

What makes it so expensive?

Trenbolone has three double bonds, which makes it difficult to produce.

In fact, trenbolone can cost around six times more than testosterone!

So why do you need all this if it’s so expensive to produce?

Because of these three double bonds, which makes it a flexible molecule. This means it’s going to fit better in the androgen receptor than testosterone, better in the progesterone one and, above all, it’s able to resist metabolization.

These are the things that make trenbolone one of the most powerful and effective steroids out there.

So that’s how Trenavar and trenbolone differ.

But what else do we need to know?

As it’s a diet supplement, is Trenavar legal?

Although Trenavar is sold as a supplement, some of its ingredients are the same as anabolic steroids, so you need to be very careful because the laws on this one are tricky!


This will depend what country you are in.

world globe

If you’re in the United States then it is illegal, because prohormones were banned in 2015.

But, if you’re in another country, you need to check out the specific laws for that country.

For example, the laws in the UK regarding steroids and prohormones is quite liberal. Meaning you can purchase, import and use them legally so long as it’s only for personal use and not supply.

So Trenavar UK = legal

Can you find Trenavar for sale or do you need a prescription to get it legally?

As it’s a diet supplement that isn’t used for medical purposes, there is no need for it to be prescribed.

So, while in some places it’s banned, it is still quite easy to obtain on the black market and through veterinary sources.

For veterinary purposes, it was commonly used to add size and mass to cattle before they were sent to the abattoir.1

You can also find many online sites selling Trenavar, such as eBay.

However, just because you find a Trenavar eBay seller or some other site selling it, that doesn’t mean you can legally buy it unless the laws in your country state it is legal to do so.

Make sure you check out the legalities before you risk losing your money or getting into trouble!

So what else do we need to know about Trenavar?

A Typical Cycle

bodybuilding injections and pills

So what cycle would we use Trenavar in?

Typically this is used in the cutting cycle.

Generally, guys will run this for 4-6 weeks, but it is not recommended for longer than 4 weeks.


Because it is very toxic to the liver and you may see some harsh side effects, hence the short cycle.

It’s very important that you have good PCT (post cycle therapy) after this cycle.

How will this help?

Trenavar is very powerful and your organs will need PCT (post cycle therapy) to recuperate after processing this prohormone, in order to get your hormone levels back to normal.

So what do guys stack this with in a cycle?

Some will cycle Trenavar on its own, but generally it will be stacked with other drugs such as:

  • Primobolan
  • Testosterone
  • Equipoise
  • Epistane

It is most commonly found stacked with epistane.

Some of the more seasoned guys out there have even stacked this with deca durabolin!

These guys are the business when it comes to knowledge and have a high level of experience when it comes to using prohormones and steroids.

You could also read an online Trenavar cycle log to find out an actual bodybuilder’s experience during a Trenavar cycle.

So what about dosages?

The usual dosage for a beginner is 10-20 mg per day, in split doses.

More advanced users may dose higher, at 30-40 mg a day, again in split doses.

You will also hear of guys dosing even higher, at around 60 mg per day.

These guys are the pros and are very advanced; they know their bodies inside and out!

These high doses are not to be taken lightly; the side effects from such doses will be extremely harsh, so be warned!

Something else to consider when doing a cycle with Trenavar is to take some on-cycle support, to reduce the possibility of hypertension and liver issues.

What’s that?

These are supplements which utilise nutrients to enhance liver function and support your cardiovascular function.

These will help to prevent the toxic effects of Trenavar and help you get through your cycle with some protection against the harsh side effects.

But what is all this going to leave you with?

Just what effects will a Trenavar cycle have?

Trenavar Results

extreme bodybuilding

So just what are you going to get from running a Trenavar cycle?

What are the real benefits you’re going to see and feel?

We know that it’s mainly used in the cutting cycle, so we know this is what is going to cut up all the bulking we have achieved.

So if you have decided to use this in your bodybuilding cycle, here are some of the benefits you should see from using it:

  • Overall strength levels will be significantly increased
  • Mass gains
  • Major boost in size
  • Fat loss will be much faster
  • Vascularity will be increased

Another great thing about Trenavar is that it doesn’t have any estrogenic effects, so you’re not going to feel bloated or have any water retention, nor are you risking gynecomastia (breast development)

All great things coming from this!

You’re going to be pumped, ripped and lean!

But what price is your overall health going to pay for this god-like physique?

Let’s take a look.

Trenavar Side Effects

side effects

Most supplements that you can buy are generally made of natural ingredients and pose very few side effects.

But what about Trenavar?

Does Trenavar pose any risks to your health?

The simple answer is yes!

I mentioned earlier that some ingredients are the same as the ones used in anabolic steroids, right?

So we all know steroids can cause some damn nasty side effects!

Is Trenavar the same?

Let’s take a look and see just what you’re going to put your body through if you choose to use Trenavar:

Increased Aggression:

Now, this is a good thing to have in the gym to help you push your workout further. But it’s not a good thing when you have problems controlling it and it comes out at home or while you’re at work.2

A Drop in Blood Sugar Levels:

All the calories you take in, especially the carbs, are sent directly to the muscle fibers.

So you’re going to have to increase your carb intake and spread it out. If you don’t, you are likely to get side effects, such as dizziness, nausea and excess sweating.3

Always make sure you carry some glucose tablets with you or some kind of sugary sweets, just in case you feel your levels dropping too low.


This is a very powerful prohormone that delivers fast results, but at the same time it puts a lot of strain on your organs and soft tissues. This results in a reduction in your endurance levels.

It’s important that you complete PCT (post cycle therapy) so you can detoxify your body after the cycle.

Liver Strain:

Trenavar is very toxic and there is a high risk of toxicity and strain on your liver. Make sure you avoid all alcohol when doing a cycle with Trenavar. Also include some on-cycle support to help relieve some of the stress on your liver during the cycle.


Trenavar causes the body to lose water, it also quickens the metabolism and raises the body temperature; some users have complained of darkened urine. It is extremely important to increase your water intake to reduce the risk of dehydration.

Here are some other effects it may have:

  • Headaches
  • Soreness in legs and lower back
  • Reduction in thyroid levels
  • Increase in blood pressure and bad cholesterol
  • Insomnia and fatigue
  • Raise in prolactin levels 4


Some serious stuff there, right?

Do you want a physique so badly that you are really, actually going to risk dying for it?

Get Trenavar results legally and without side effects?

Luckily for you it’s not the 90’s anymore.

There’s no need to experience nasty side effects in order to get great results from the gym.

In the last decade a handful of companies have been able to formulate legal tren alternatives. These alternatives are designed to mimic the muscle building and fat loss effects of tren…

But WITHOUT all side effects.

How do they do that?

Well, they hand pick natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to create similar effects in the body, and mix them together into a natural and legal bodybuilding supplement.

After working our way through hundreds of products on the market. Many of them which were scammers.

We have finally found the best legal tren alternative for sale on the market:

crazybulk trenerol

So here we have the legal alternative to Trenavar: Trenorol.

Trenorol is designed to mimic the effects of trenbolone – and therefore Trenavar – without giving you those harsh side effects!

They also have a Anavar alternative called Anvarol – in case you want to check that one out as well.


trenavar results 2

trenavar results without side effects

These were a few examples of before and after pictures from previous CrazyBulk buyers. In case you want to see more just check out their Testimonials page here.

Now let’s weigh up the pros and cons to see how good Trenorol really is:


  • It’s an oral so no need to keep jabbing yourself with injections
  • You can gain 5-15 lbs of lean muscle in a month (if you train hard and eat right of course)
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Great customer reviews
  • No side effects
  • Made in a GMP compliant facility
  • CrazyBulk has some great Buy 2 Get 1 Free offers


  • Premium priced
  • You need to use it for at least 2 months to see best results
  • only available through their website

Where to Buy?

CrazyBulk products are only available to buy on the official CrazyBulk website.

You now have all the information you need about Trenavar and the legal alternative, Trenorol.

For me, the choice is easy.

But ultimately it’s your decision!

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s classed as a prohormone, not a steroid, but that doesn’t make it legal!

The States banned the use of prohormones so it’s definitely illegal there. In some other countries the laws are more liberal, but check out the legality in your country before buying or using it.

“Is Trenavar a Steroid?”

It’s classed as a prohormone but it does contain some illegal anabolic agents and it works to give the same effect as the illegal steroid trenbolone.

“Trenavar vs Trenbolone? What’s the Difference?”

Trenavar is a prohormone, while trenbolone is a steroid. Both result in the same kind of results.

What other alternatives are there?

The legal issues around Trenavar are shady, and we know trenbolone is illegal.

So what else is there that we could use that is, without question, legal?

Plus is the legal alternative going to give us the results we want?

There are companies out there designing these drugs and supplements that know you want to achieve the perfect body.

But these companies also know you don’t want to worry about side effects or whether it’s legal or not.

That’s why they are coming up with alternatives.

But these alternatives are made from 100% natural ingredients and are much safer for you.

You’re not going to get all the harsh side effects, but you are going to get great results!

So what are they? What is out there that can offer us the same results as Trenavar but is much safer for our health?

Well here it is, your legal alternative



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