Transgender Weighlifter Wins Bodybuilding Competition

Transgender Weighlifter Wins Bodybuilding Competition

It seems like nowadays people can identify as whatever they want and fool people into believing them.

New Zealand’s first transgender weightlifter convincingly won her (?) first international competition.

Apparently, the “Woman” going by the name of Laurel Hubbard, is a 39 years old weightlifter, who transitoned to a woman in his late 30s.

Laurel used to compete in men’s weightlifting by the name of “Gavin”.

Not only does he compete as a woman now, but he also represents New Zealand at the 2017 th games.

Obviously, in 21st century, all you need is to claim to be a woman and have low enough levels of testosterone, in order to compete against women… As a full grown man.

Check out the ridiculousness of this in the video below, where doctors and peers of Laurel talk about her.


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