Top Tips for Young Bodybuilders - Don't Make These Mistakes

Top Tips for Young Bodybuilders – Don’t Make These Mistakes


In this day and age with such exposure to airbrushed, touched up and straight up Photoshopped physiques, especially with the exponential growth of platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, more and more people are turning to the gym, in chase of their dream physique!

Some could argue that these beginners in this era have it easy, with having an absolute wealth of information at their finger tips to help guide them to their goals.

However it could also be argued that beginners in this era have it harder, in the respect that a lot of information they’re fed is misleading and untrue!

This could be down to sly marketing scams or just simply people claiming to be “experts” on the internet but actually have no idea what they’re talking about and preaching to others!

This article briefly covers 4 topics that, if addressed correctly, should lay the foundation for a long and prosperous relationship with the gym, health and wellbeing!

#1 – Longevity

This area is massively overlooked, especially in regards to young bodybuilders and people particularly new to the sport.

As soon as they start they want to make the most progress they can, as quickly as they can and they usually thing this means just “hitting the ground running” and lifting as heavy and as hard as they can from the start, often over looking form, using too much wait and simply lacking any kind of warm-up!

All these things combine to a dramatically increased risk of injury, of which is not good for your health, nor your progress in the gym. This can also have effects on your life outside of the gym, especially later on in life!

For example poor form on deadlifting and lack of warming up properly is just a recipe for disaster! Damaging your lower back could have serious health implications, potentially causing a lot of problems later on in life.


Which leads me onto the next point:

#2 – Form

Many young bodybuilders carry their egos with them in the gym, trying to shift as much weight as they can at the sacrifice of form.

Not only will this increase the risk of injury as discussed above, but it is also far from the best way to make progress!

Ensuring you understand the correct form and how to perform the exercise will not only reduce change of injury, but will also yield better results… aka – MORE GAINS!!

So you might not be able to lift as much weight… but what are girls more interested in, how much you can lift or how amazing your body looks because of all the gains you made?


#3 – Learn what works for you

Often, people see their idols or people they aspire to be like and instantly assume that if they train like them or eat like them that they will get the same results… HOWEVER, this isn’t necessarily true!

Everyone is different and everyone will react differently to the same stimulus! Being successful and making the best progress is all about trying a variety of things and find out what really works for you and gets you the best results.

So what works for, say, Steve Cook, wont necessarily be best for you!

So experiment, learn, and work out what works best for you!


#4 – Work HARD

Hard work pays off. Don’t put in the hard work? Then you don’t expect the results!!

I think this point is pretty self explanatory… You’ve probably seen them guys in the gym that just come in and coast through the motions, not putting in any hard work and low and behold they look exactly the same (if not worse) moth on month.

In the gym you get out what you put in.

So go in.


And reap the rewards!!

Look at Branch Warren… Ever seen him train? He trains like an absolute mad man and goes 120% every time!! He might not have the best genetics but he damn sure makes up for it with hard work!!!


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