51 Reasons To Exercise – Guaranteed that you’ll hit the gym after #51

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Top 51 Reasons To Exercise

Reasons to exercise

1. Lifts your mood

2. Improves learning abilities

3. Reduces stress

4. Keeps your brain fit

5. Keeps your body fit & able

6. Boosts productivity

7. Boosts your immune system

8. Builds self-esteem

9. Makes you feel happier

10. Prevents colds
reasons to exercise

11. Improves skin tone and colour

12. Improves sleeping patterns

13. Increases sex drive & satisfaction

14. Improves joint function

15. Improves muscle strength

16. Alleviates anxiety

17. Sharpens memory

18. Helps to control addictions

19. Boosts mental health

20. Boosts creative thinking

Reasons to exercise

21. Improves body image

22. Gives you confidence

23. Helps you keep focused in life

24. Improves eating habits

25. Increases longevity

26. Strengthens your bones

27. Strengthens your heart

28. Improves posture

29. Has anti ageing effects

30. Improves appetite

Reasons to exercise

31. Improves cholesterol levels

32. Lowers risk of (certain) cancers

33. Lowers high blood pressure

34. Lowers risk of diabetes

35. Fights dementia

36. Eases back pain

37. Decreases osteoporosis risk

38. Reduces feelings of depression

39. Prevents muscle loss

40. Increases energy and endurance

best reasons to exercise

41. Increases sports performance

42. Increases pain resistance

43. Improves balance and coordination

44. Improves oxygen supple to cells

45. Improves concentration

46. Helps with self-control

47. Lessens fatigue

48. I Helps prevent strokes

49. Makes life more exciting

50. Improves Quality of Life

top reasons to exercise

51. You won’t be non-lifter

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