Top 6 Mass Gaining Mistakes and How To Correct Them

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So you are wondering if you are making any mass gaining mistakes?

Have you been training for a little while now without seeing the type of gains you were hoping for?

A lot of guys get discouraged after training for a few months.

The first few months, also known as the noob phase, was great – tons of progress was made in a relatively short period of time.

You didn’t have to spend much time worrying about training routines or diets – you just showed up and lifted for a little while and noticed a huge improvement.

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However, over time it gets harder and harder to make progress.

All of a sudden you need to track calories, learn how to squat properly and monitor your protein intake.

This is why a lot of people drop out at this point – they don’t take the necessary steps to succeed.

We recognize the difficulty in making the transition from noob to experienced bodybuilder – so check out the article below for some of the mistakes people make when lifting.

Chances are if you aren’t making the kind of gains you used to that you are committing at least one of these errors.

Now that you know what you are doing wrong (or now that you have a friendly reminder) you have no excuse but to re-focus, get back in the gym and make those sweet gains!

Read our article below and find out the 6 most common mass gaining mistakes guys make!

Top 6 Mass Gaining Mistakes and How To Correct Them

Top 6 Mass Gaining Mistakes and How To Correct Them

1 – Stop Focusing on “Bulking Up”

You need to forget about the term bulking up. It really looks at the entire approach in the wrong way and will actually subconsciously make you go about your transformation the wrong way.

When we think of bulking up we think of getting huge by shoveling tons of food into your mouth and moving the scale as much as possible.

The reality is that after the first few years of proper training and dieting you will have already put on most of the mass you are capable of.

After that your progress will slow down a lot more so you will need to focus on gaining a little bit of weight at a time.

Enough to continue to put on more muscle but not so much that you start to pack on a ton of fat.

If you continue to eat huge surpluses after training for a few years you will end up as a 200 pound boulder that needs to drop 30 pounds of fat before they can see their six pack abs.

So from now on forget about bulking up and putting on 20 pounds in three months.

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You shouldn’t let yourself get to the point where you feel uncomfortable taking your shirt off.

Aim for 1-3 pounds per month of weight gain to make sure it’s all muscle. Obviously it depends how big you are when it comes to determining how much you should be gaining.

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A 180 pound guy will be able to gain on the higher end of that scale compared with a 150 pound guy. Also it depends how long you have been training.

If you are in your first two years of training you will be on the higher end. However, if you have been training for over five years don’t expect to be growing fast at all at this point .

If you focus on making slow and steady gains they will be sustainable – you won’t lose it all in your next cut.

2 – Don’t Let your Discipline Slip

Some guys are extremely anal about their fat loss diets. They will measure each meal out on a scale to make sure it’s the exact quantity their meal plan dictates.

However, once they finish getting shredded and go back to off-season muscle building mode it’s like all of their discipline goes out the window.

Instead of tracking all of their meals now they just make sure to get enough protein each day, not tracking where the rest of their calories are coming from.

Your off-season is one of the best times to figure out what foods and training styles work well for you.

The only way you can figure it out is by tracking your training and diet.

Keep a guide and write down your calorie intake for the day – maybe you try lowering your fats from 35% to 15% one week to see how your body reacts.

Did all of your lifts go up and you felt more energetic?

Chances are you might have just discovered you work well on a low-fat diet.

However if you don’t keep track of these things how will you know what the cause of your improved performance is?

That doesn’t mean you need to track every single calorie you eat for 6 months of the year. You can certainly skip some meals or days but there is a huge difference between tracking most of it and just making sure you get enough protein.

A lot of guys have trouble finding this middle ground.

They spend their dieting phase so intensely focused that they need to give themselves a break. Well, by tracking your progress while putting on size you will make things a hell of alot easier for you when it comes time to shed fat.

Top 6 Mass Gaining Mistakes and How To Correct Them

3 – Don’t Ignore Cardio When Putting on Mass

Ok so we don’t expect you to be doing as much cardio when you are putting on mass as you were when you were cutting down.

However, it still plays an important role – in this case it’s for your overall health.

Now, you don’t need a ton of it because resistance training itself is a workout but throwing in a little bit of cardio will actually help you achieve your mass building goals. It will help in your workout recovery since it improves your circulatory system – therefore improving your body’s ability to transmit nutrients to the muscles as they rebuild.

In fact, if you are feeling fatigued overall doing some cardio is a great way to clear some of the byproduct of your last workout out of the system. You will feel refreshed and it really doesn’t take much – 25 minutes of incline walking on a treadmill will speed up your body’s ability to deliver nutrients to the muscles and help get you ready for your next workout.

Additionally, doing a bit of cardio will burn up an extra bunch of calories every week.

It might not seem like a lot but over the course of enough it can accumulate enough to get rid of a pound of fat. That means you will have a much easier time cutting down for your next contest or even for your next vacation.

4 – Don’t Rush your Gains

Do you know why many guys are making mass gaining mistakes? They are rushing their results, there is only so much gains you can make in a given period of time.

Despite tons of evidence to the contrary, tons of guys think they can speed up their gains by putting on a lot of mass in a short time.

Look guys, putting on 20 pounds in a month won’t make you any better off than putting on 5 pounds.

All you are doing is adding a ton of extra fat that you will have to burn off later.

However, if you keep your weight gain at a moderate pace you will put on very little fat and as a result you will have much less work to do when you cut down. In fact, you’ll look great before you even begin your cut.

Stop trying to get huge in a year. Anyone out there with a great physique achieved it through years of intense training. You need to start enjoying the process – going to the gym, eating clean and living that bodybuilder lifestyle. It might not seem flashy but over time you will make better progress than all those impatient dudes working on the latest fad training program.

The same goes for increasing your lifts. Based on our experience whenever we try to prematurely add extra weight to the bar we tend to end up with an injury or at least some soreness.

As a result we have to go back down to a lower weight and work our way back up with proper form.

It’s a hell of alot easier to just make slow and steady gains instead.

One way to help make sure you stay on track is to set a large goal along with several smaller goals along the way. That way instead of focusing on the end goal which could be a year or more away you focus on the smaller goals which can be achieved in a few weeks or months.

For example let’s say you want to bench 315 pounds. Set a deadline for hitting 225 pounds, 275 pounds and then 315 pounds.

Most importantly focus on enjoying the training and you will be more likely to give it your all every time you show up in the gym.

Top 6 Mass Gaining Mistakes and How To Correct Them

5 – Don’t be Afraid to Gain Some Fat

Generally speaking noobs fall into one of the following groups.

Group 1 consists of the guys that start out as skinny 140 pound guys that want to shoot up to 190 pounds by the end of the year. However, a growing portion of the bodybuilding community is being found in group 2.

These guys are obsessed with being lean. If they start to notice any decrease in definition of their six pack or forearm veins they start to freak out and cut calories aggressively along with performing more cardio. Look guys, building muscle isn’t exactly easy for your body.

If it doesn’t see a consistent calorie surplus it simply won’t get onboard with your mass-gaining goals.

As a result you will need to make sure you are eating more than your body needs for its daily functioning.

That means, yes, you will put on some fat along the way.

If you do things right you can minimize the amount of fat you put on but you need to accept that it is going to happen.

Some guys are able to put on mass easier than others without gaining fat and we are extremely jealous of those people.

You want to make sure you don’t limit your overall potential by trying to avoid putting on any fat. By giving your body the necessary calorie surplus you will be giving it what it needs however you need to make sure your calorie surplus is moderate.

Putting on a few pounds of muscle is difficult but putting on an equivalent amount of fat is pretty easy. So make sure you don’t get too fat but also don’t be afraid to gain a little bit of fat, that is one of the most common mass gaining mistakes!

Top 6 Mass Gaining Mistakes and How To Correct Them

6 – Use the Right Supplements

There are a number of popular supplements out there that get used by most trainees – whey protein, creatine, BCAAs, pre-workout, etc.

However, a supplement quite new to the scene often gets neglected, we are talking about testosterone boosters.

That’s for a good reason to, because a few years back when these supplement first hit the market they were just simply not good and hardly worked. What has happened the last couple of years or so is quite interesting because some supplement companies have actually managed to create a testosterone boosting supplement that works.

Finally these products are now doing what they are supposed to do effectively and that is boost the natural testosterone production to it’s max limit.

That is the reason why so many lifters are taking advantage of these products today. As you probably know testosterone is the male muscle building hormone. By having higher testosterone levels you will definitely build more muscle and get stronger even though nothing in your diet or training changes.

There are a number of ways to bring up your testosterone levels but a testosterone booster is one of the simplest ways to do it.

Even for guys who already have high testosterone levels, a booster will help take you to the next level. Additionally, unlike synthetic hormones, a natural booster will keep your t-levels up sustainably so you won’t lose all the gains you make after the fact.

But be careful when choosing a supplement like this because some companies have not changed their formula in years and still have the same ineffective formula that does not work nearly as good as some of the new products available today.

When choosing a testosterone booster that actually works you want to look for one that contains all-natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to raise your t-levels. These products are generally expensive but you get what you pay for – cheaping out and getting a low quality product will not only give you 0 gains – it will actually be harmful for your health!

We have actually made a complete guide on testosterone boosting ingredients that work and the best testosterone boosting supplements. We spent a lot of time and research doing this guide and we are giving it away completely free, so make sure to use the knowledge in our guide on the best testosterone boosting ingredients when choosing a supplement like this.

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Most Important To Remember:

  • Don’t focus too much on just bulking up, make sure you are actually putting on lean quality muscle.
  • Stay on track and be disciplined following any program or workout, results come to those willing to put the work in for some time.
  • Cardio can help you absorb nutrients better, so it can actually be beneficial when putting on mass.
  • Too much too soon is never a good mindset when it comes down to muscle building, stay patient those gains will come slowly and steadily.
  • When putting on mass you are probably going to put a little bit of fat on you, don’t worry too much about that.
  • Use an all natural testosterone booster with approved ingredients to increase the natural testosterone production in your body for further muscle growth.

So there you have it guys, make sure to avoid these mass gaining mistakes and if you are doing these mistakes there is a simple solution to fix them.

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