Top 5 Reasons Why Serious Bodybuilders Should NEVER Have A Girlfriend

Top 5 Reasons Why Serious Bodybuilders Should NEVER Have A Girlfriend

If you are a bodybuilder and want the best results possible a girlfriend is a big no no, you may be asking , why can’t I have a girlfriend and be a bodybuilder at the same time? Sure you can but that will hinder your progress tremendously when it comes down to building new layers of muscle and being as shredded as possible. In this article we will tell you why having a girlfriend and still being a serious bodybuilder is never a good idea. If you are not a serious bodybuilder than this article is not for you, but you can than read it for entertainment though!

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1.  Sneaky Gym time thief

Once you get in a relationship you might not realize this but in most cases it takes a huge commitment, time of your day to maintain a healthy and a good relationship. It might be all good in the beginning but once things take a turn to a more serious note you are in big trouble my friend. When you were single you were probably training 6-7 times per day and NEVER missed a gym session. Once you started this new relationship I bet you have dropped your gym sessions to about 4-5 times per week and your gains are suffering. You have slowly become attached to spending crazy amounts of hours with your new girlfriend and sacrificed valuable gym time to compensate for it. If you are single and think this is bullshit, try to see these patterns in your mate who recently got in a relationship, is he spending a little less time on his training regime ? In most cases the answer is YES!

2. Unhealthy habits slowly become “normal”

If you are a single committed bodybuilder who is serious about making gains you are probably getting a good nights sleep and your diet is in check. If you find yourself in a situation were you are starting a relationship with a girl you will soon find out that it is the challenge of a lifetime to maintain your daily routine in your diet and sleep. You slowly but steadily start eating more unhealthy foods and sleeping (cuddling) much more with your new girlfriend. Your gains will suffer and you will soon find yourself in a way worse shape than when you started in the relationship with this girl.

3. They “demand” expensive dates & gifts

Well let me rephrase that, girls don’t demand expensive dates put she will definitely put pressure on you to take her out on a nice expensive date so she can brag about it with her girlfriends so they can accept the fact that she is seeing you on a serious note and that you are not using her for sex (trust me I know this). This is were you have to be really careful guys, always be careful with your first present and first date with a girl, let me explain. Lets just take an example. lets say that the first real present you give her (maby a birthday present)  is a $500 watch. You have to be extremely careful that the first gift is never something expensive like that because if you give her something like that for her first gift what do you think she will expect to get for christmas? a new IPhone? because if you give her a cheaper gift than the first gift you have her she will be disappointed(trust me guys I have experienced this) and you will also have ZERO amount of cash to spend on the new testosterone booster formula that you always wanted to try out!

4. Potential breakups are not worth the risk

If you have ever gone through a serious breakup you probably know this. Most guys will stay at their home for 2 weeks crying in a pillow while missing meals after a serious breakup(most relationship do not work out anyway). In those 2 terrible weeks you will lose gains, A LOT of gains (I know this,  MANY guys I personally know came back to the gym looking like non lifters after a breakup myself included) While she is partying and in some cases sleeping with a shitload of guys you are at home depressed and losing gains. So stay single brahs, its the lifestyle you DESERVE unless you are 30+ than in some cases its acceptable to have a wife or a girlfriend.

5. Your wallet will suffer and lose gains

Yes thats right, being in a relationship takes a HUGE toll on the wallet, unless you have a big bank. When paying for stuff that you both use in most cases the man has to put himself in the role of the ”provider” and pay most of the times. What you will quickly notice when pursuing a new serious relationship is that you spend more money and why is that? there are 2 reasons, first of all you are going to dates(in most cases it costs some money to go on a date , going to a restaurant for example) and the second reason is that now you are paying for TWO. You wallet and bank will lose their gains and you will have less cash to spend on that new per workout formula you always wanted to try out.

So stay safe and single brahs, thats the best advice I can give you.

Author- Charlie Green






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