Top 3 Mass Building Supplements For Muscle Growth & Strength

Top 3 Mass Building Supplements For Muscle Growth & Strength

The top 3 mass building supplements on the market, are you ready?

We all know that building muscle is hard.

You got to train hard almost every day, eat a lot of protein, do your cardio and minimise cheat meals.

This is not a lifestyle for the average person,

We can all agree on that, am I right?

This is why so few people actually make it in the gym,

The few ones who survive living this lifestyle for a few years are the people you read about and admire pictures of in muscle magazines.

We all want to make the most out of our hard workouts, boring diets, countless of money and time we spend on improving our body.

If you are anything like me you want to maximise muscle growth in the shortest possible time

You are also ready to work hard for it.

Top 3 Mass Building Supplements Let’s face it,

You have seen a guy that makes 3 years of gains in one year.

Because he is doing everything right, his diet, workouts and supplementation are perfect.

That’s why he can achieve this high level of success because he is following the right formula.

The top 3 mass building supplements can be a part of your formula to maximise muscle growth in the shortest time possible.

In order for this to happen you have to make sure that you are working hard in the gym and that your diet is on point.

If your workouts suck and your diet is bad, no supplement can save you!

Supplement are more thought as an enhancer to an already stable workout schedule and a good diet.

You can think of these top 3 mass building supplements like this.

Let’s say you have a 200 horsepower car.

You put a little chip in it and it changes the function of the engine and makes it more powerful.

After you inserted this chip your car is now 230 horsepowers.

It’s not a huge improvement but definitely something you would notice.

You can think of these top 3 mass building supplements like this little chip.

Not a huge improvement but you will definitely notice the difference.

These top 3 mass building supplements we are about to discuss are no magic pills.

They won’t work unless you do!

You have to put in the hard work in the gym and you have to keep a good diet.

If you are not willing to do that, don’t even think about using these supplements.

But if you are someone who is already training hard and dieting well, these supplements will definitely make a difference!

You will notice that you will be able to build muscle faster and get stronger.

I’ve been training for the past 10 years.

In order for me to fully examine each supplement, I took each of the supplements separately for 2 months each.

I will share with you what happened when I tried each supplement out and how it affected my gains.

So lets discuss these top 3 mass building supplements

Top 3 Mass Building Supplements

top 3 mass building supplements

D-Bal Max is a pure bodybuilding dynamite. (their manufacturer describes it that way and I cannot disagree)

This supplement is designed to:

  • Turbocharge muscle growth
  • Raw power gains

It contains some very well researched and powerful ingredients like 20-Hydroxyecdysterone as well as crucial BCAA’s.

Prior to supplementing with D-Bal Max I had already been training hard and dieting (I’ve been doing that consistently for the past 10 years).

What I notices it that I was gaining muscle and strength faster after I started supplementing with D-Bal max.

I was lifting heavier weights in almost every exercise and I was gaining more weight.

D-Bal Max did exactly what it promised, it increased my strength and helped me gain muscle faster.

This is not a supplement for someone who thinks he can just tip toe through his workouts and skip meals.

I’d recommend this to someone who is serious about the gym life and is willing to work hard.


D-Bal Max is only available straight from their official website: Visit their official website here.

You will get a 1 month supply for $68,95

They offer free world wide shipping and it arrived pretty quickly when I ordered it.

TestoFuel – Turbocharge your testosterone levels

top 3 mass building supplements

TestoFuel is kind of the go to product for higher testosterone levels.

It was designed to.

  • Turbocharge our natural testosterone production

If know anything about bodybuilding you know that testosterone is responsible for muscle growth, strength levels, sex drive and prevents you from getting fat.

This supplement contains all the researched ingredients proven to increase natural testosterone levels.

This includes powerful ingredients like: D-Aspartic Acid, Oyster Extract, Fenugreek and Zinc.

What I noticed after a few days of using TestoFuel were the incredibly hard erections, lol.

I did not take the supplements to get hard erections but it’s clearly an indicator of higher testosterone levels.

After a few weeks of supplementing with this product I noticed I could workout for much longer without getting tired.

I was lifting heavier weights in each set that I went through and felt like I had endless energy.

As a result I built more muscle mass since I was able to push my body further each workout.

This is a product I will definitely use again in the near future.

I did not use Testofuel to enhance my sex drive, but it definitely improved that quite a bit.

This supplement is for the general public as well, if someone has a low sex drive or low energy levels this will definitely improve that a lot.

I however used it for muscle building purposes,  I was not disappointed with it and made some pretty good muscle gains.


You can only buy TestoFuel straight from their official website. Visit their official website here.

You’ll get a month supply for $65.

Since I bought a 2 month supply I got a free shipping included.

Their customer support is awesome, I had some questions about one of the ingredients in it and I got an answer from them right away.

The Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack

the best mass building supplements

The bulking stack are a handful of supplements that are strategically placed together in a stack.(4 supplements)

They are designed to

  • Maximise muscle growth
  • Increase strength gains
  • Reduce body fat
  • Increase testosterone

If you don’t like taking in capsules, this may not be for you.

You have to take in a lot of capsules in because these are a lot of supplements.

The bulking stack contains supplements that are called legal steroid alternatives.

This stack was designed to mimic the effects steroids have on the body with no side effects at all.

It contains only natural ingredients and pretty much all of the most important ones to build muscle.

These are too many to count we are talking about 4 different supplements here.

Top 3 Mass Building Supplements

This was definitely the stack I got the best results from.

I’ve never taken in 4 different supplements at the same time all designed to maximise my muscle gains.

After a couple of weeks I definitely noticed the effects of this stack.

I had endless energy and I was getting stronger faster than I’ve ever experienced before.

I noticed changes in my muscle mass after about 3-4 weeks of using the stack.

My muscles were definitely much bigger and stronger.

As far as effectiveness this was definitely superior to the other supplements I’ve mentioned in this article.

It’s not strange since these are 4 supplements together in a stack while the others were individual products.

This is definitely not a supplement stack for someone who is not willing to work hard in the gym and keep a good diet.

I’d recommend this to someone who wants to build muscle as fast as possible while doing it naturally.

I was very surprised actually on how well it worked.

These were by far the most effective muscle building supplements I’ve ever tried.


You can only buy the bulking stack straight from their official website. Visit their official website here.

You’ll get a 1 month supply of the bulking stack (4 supplements) for $179.99

If you buy 2 months supply like I did, you get a free bulking stack so you get totally 3 months while only paying for 2 months.

They offer free worldwide shipping and it’s quite fast.


So there you have it guys, definitely give some of these supplements a try and find out if they work as well for you as they did for me.

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