Top 3 Fake Natties According To More Plates More Dates

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

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Derek from the popular YouTube channel More Plates More Dates recently discussed an interesting subject in a podcast/interview.

Derek, a steroid expert and very knowledgeable about bodybuilding, supplements has been open and honest about his experience with PEDS.

In the past, Derek from More Plates More Dates has accused many famous people of using steroids.

Even though he has no solid proof, he believes he can tell if someone is using steroids or not.

Recently he was asked about the top 3 fake natties in the world, and his response might surprise you.

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Here’s what Derek From More Plates More Dates had to say about his take on the top 3 fake natties in his opinion:

(We here at BroScience are NOT saying these amazing athletes are fake natties)

I would say The Rock for sure, he says he took something when he was a teenager, me made it sound like it was an accident or something and he got gynecomastia from it, I think and after that he has claimed natty. He doesn’t go out and talk about it really but he has basically implied multiple times that he is natural, he has gone on record saying he is natural in the past I believe.

Chris Hemsworth is another one I believe personally, Its tough though because when you say fake natty have these guys ever come out and been like : I’m natural, no to be fair to them they don’t just talk about it so it’s not really a detriment to them where they’re lying flat out, it’s just they are not talking about it so regardless if you want to perceive that as misleading to not. When it comes to Chris I think there is definitely some degree of I don’t know like there’s some problematic component when he is selling a platform of fitness, he has this app called the center app and he sold it for like 100 million dollars plus recently might have been 200 million I forget, but a lot of the workouts in there are based around my you know the, how to get the physique of Thor, what I did to get the Thor physique blablabla, and obviously these kettlebell workouts and sh*t, it’s like cool you can do them and get in shape but you are not going to look like f’in Chris after so, just be a bit more transparent in that, like these are good workouts, and we have good diet suggestions in the app but just so you know when I gained 30 lbs of muscle for a role, it’s because of gear not because of my kettlebell swings.

Third one Mike O’Tren, you got to put Mike O’Tren in there bro, that guy is taking that lie to the grave that’s for sure. He is in his mid 50’s and looks amazing but I don’t see many guys maintain that size, past like their mid 50’s and live long to be honest so like in general the thing that really gets bodybuilders seemingly is trying to maintain the absurd amount of muscle for such a long period of time, that’s why you see all these early deaths and guys even in their late 30’s, their mid 40’s, recently especially, so with him I think he will have to downsize soon, like quite significantly.

Top 3 Fake Natties According To More Plates More Dates (video)

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