Top 3 Exercises for Mass Building & Brute Strength

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A lot of guys say they want to put on mass, but when they go to the gym they do endless crunches and isolation exercises. Unfortunately these aren’t the type of resistance training routines that build you a physique like Arnold.

Instead, you need to focus on the main compound lifts. These exercises target many different muscle groups and are the most effective for overloading your muscles. They aren’t easy but if they were everyone would have a great body.

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We all know that testosterone is the building blocks for your muscles, which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that the top 3 exercises for building mass and strength can actually help boost your body’s natural testosterone production.


top 3 exercises for mass

For those of you out there who want to build mass on their legs you simply need to incorporate squats into your routine. It’s without a doubt the most important leg exercise and you will be hard pressed to find someone who has built a lot of leg mass without doing them.

When it comes to squats, technique is absolutely crucial. Throughout the movement you want to keep your back arched. Rounding your back during the exercise can compromise your safety and lead to serious injury.

You chest should be pushed out and feet a little wider than shoulder width apart. Once you unrack the weight, lower yourself down as if you were sitting back onto a chair.

Make sure you go all the way down to parallel in order to get your glutes and hamstrings involved and then explode upwards.

Squats are definitely one of the top exercises for mass building. Anyone who’s serious about building muscle needs to do this exercise.


top 3 exercises for muscle

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Deadlifts are the king of all back exercises. They build strength and size throughout your middle and lower back as well as your glutes and hamstrings.

Like with squats you are going to want to make sure your back stays arched throughout the movement in order to avoid injury. Feet should be shoulder-width apart – then pull the weight up by picturing yourself pushing your heels into the floor.

Bench Press

Chances are you have already heard of and performed this exercise, after all – who doesn’t like working chest?

It’s a tried and true exercise for building both strength and muscle throughout the upper body as it works the chest, arms and shoulders. The problem is, most people can’t bench press properly to save their lives!

They shift around on the bench, lift their glutes off the bench, bounce the weight off their chests or get their spotter to do half the work. Not only will this limit your gains but it will also set you up for possible injury.

So how do you start benching some serious weight? Well first of all, don’t make the mistake a lot of guys do and load a ton of weight onto the bar. While it might be good for bragging rights to say you can lift 1.5x your bodyweight it won’t do your body any good if half the work is being done by the spotter.

When performing the lift find your natural groove for lifting the weight – this will be the most efficient path for you to move the bar. After lowering the bar let it touch your chest gently and controlled and explode upwards.

Make sure you keep your upper back tight so you have a solid platform to push from.

When you bring the bar back up and are ready to begin the next rep don’t just drop it down quickly to your chest – bring it down slowly and under control. Remember that half the benefit comes from the negative portion of the rep so if you let the weight drop down quickly and bounce off your chest you will not build nearly as much muscle.

Did you know this?

top 3 exercises for mass and strength

If you’re one of the few that are actually serious about building muscle, then please read on. If not, then please leave this article.

These exercises can give your body a testosterone production boost! By performing these exercises your body will be forced to produce more testosterone and with more testosterone production you will:

  • You will build more muscle.
  • You will get stronger.
  • You will lose unwanted body-fat

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Testosterone the male hormone in the body is responsible for muscle growth.

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