The Top 10 Protein Sources for Bodybuilders

The Top 10 Protein Sources for Bodybuilders

The eagle is one of the most alpha animals out there. Be like an eagle. Eat alpha foods that pack on the muscle.

Whether you are looking to bulk, cut or maintain your current physique you simply won’t have much success if you aren’t consuming enough protein from high quality sources. Check out our list below of the top 10 protein sources for bodybuilders – if you are struggling with making gains it could just be that you aren’t eating enough of these foods!


A popular protein source for old-school bodybuilders. Tuna is cheap, easy to make and lean. Make sure you get the ones that are in water and not oil as they tend to be healthier.

Cottage Cheese

The best slow-digesting protein source out there! Cottage cheese is filling, requires no preparation and can be taken before bed so that your body has something to process while your are sleeping.

Whey Protein

Whey protein isolate is the fastest absorbing protein out there. This makes it ideal for immediately post-workout or even when you wake up in the morning. It’s actually quite cheap when you look at the cost per serving and can be brought with you to the office, school or day out.

Ground Beef

Yes this is a fattier protein source, but the saturated fat found in ground beef will help boost your testosterone levels and build more muscle mass. It’s filling, easy to prepare and will help you make some serious gains at the gym.

Chicken Breast

Chicken is a great lean protein source. Although not the tastiest meat out there it contains very little carbs or fat and can be mixed into salads and other foods rather easily.


This is a great product for skinny guys who struggle to put on mass. Old school bodybuilders used to recommend drinking a gallon of milk every day which is a great way to hit your macro goals and get plenty of protein and dietary fat. While this method will lead to some fat gain you will definitely get bigger!


Focus on eating only the white meat as it tends to be leaner. Turkey is a great protein source like chicken as it is lean and versatile.


Unlike tuna, salmon contains a lot of omega-3 fats so it’s not quite as lean, but those fats are very good for your heart and brain functioning. It is recommended that bodybuilders take omega 3s anyway so might as well get them straight from the source.


Almonds are one of the most popular bodybuilding snacks out there as they contain healthy fat, protein and minimal carbs. They are convenient, tasty and essential for building a great physique.

Whole Eggs

Are you the type of guy who throws away the yolk and only eats the egg white? While this might be a “leaner” protein source you are actually missing out on all the benefit of the egg yolks. They contain helpful cholesterol and dietary fat that boosts your testosterone level and build muscle mass. Next time you make that omelet don’t throw away those yolks!

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