Top 10 Non-Bodybuilding Athletes That Have Competition Worthy Physiques

Top 10 Non-Bodybuilding Athletes That Have Competition Worthy Physiques

Even though some guys don’t train to look like bodybuilders they still have incredible genetics, train hard and could definitely become competitive bodybuilders if they wanted to.  Here are the top 10 non-bodybuilding athletes that have competition worthy aesthetics.

Sonny Billy Willams – Rugby player and a heavyweight boxernon bodybuilders 5 sonny billy williams

Konstantīns Konstantinovs – Powerlifter

non bodybuilders 7 konstantin konstantinvos

Alistair Overeem – MMA Fighter

non bodybuilders alistair overeem

George Elekobi – Soccer Player

Birmingham City v Nottingham Forest - npower Championship

LaRon Landry -American Football Player

non bodybuilders laron landry

Mark Wahlberg – Actor


Dan Green – Powerlifter

non bodybuilders non bodybuilders2

Dwayne Johnsons “The Rock” – Actor and Wrestling athlete

non bodybuilders3

Mariusz Pudzianowski – Strongman

non bodybuilders4 Pablo Popovitch – Jiu Jitsu and MMA Fighter

non bodybuilders6 pablo popovitch

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