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Top 10 Freakiest Bodybuilders of All Time

Just like everyone else, we do love the old-school bodybuilder look, that is just abundant of aesthetics.

However, for this article, we’ll show some love to the massive bodybuilders and give you a top 10 of the freakiest of them!


This top 10 only has OLYMPIA contenders. That means you won’t be seeing wanna-be bodybuilders who inject synthol.

You also won’t see bodybuilders like Greg Kovacs, Victor Richards and Morgan Aste.

Honorable mentions

Before we get started, let’s throw a couple of mentions into the list.

Lou ferrigno

arnold vs lou

At a stunning 6’5”, Lou Ferrigno was one of the biggest bodybuilders of the golden era.

Even next to the Austrian Oak- Arnold, he was looking ENORMOUS!

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Lou was truly The Hulk of his time, but as we know, standards change.

His size, which was once considered the standard for a “Mass monster” became normal with time.

Even relatively lean now, by today’s standards.

Gunter Schlierkamp

gunter vs coleman

The German bodybuilder Gunter Schlierkamp (Left on the pic, next to Ronnie Coleman) falls into pretty much the same category.

Gunter was a 6’1” mass monster, who supposedly was at a stage weight of nearly 300 pounds!

Now let’s move on to the actual list!

#10 Dennis James

Dennis james posing

Dennis was one of the biggest, most impressive bodybuilders of the 2000s.

In terms of thickness and muscularity, Big DJ was reminiscent of Nasser El Sonbaty.

Unfortunately however, Dennis lacked the necessary condition to place better at the olympia.

Even though his physique looked Olympia-worthy in the gym, this never really translated on stage, as he would always come in smoother and flatter, compared to his training pictures.

This is why Dennis “The Menace” sits on our #10 spot!

#9 Nasser El Sonbaty

nasser vs dorian

Nasser was big and wide at 5’11” and a stunning 270 lbs on stage. With that frame and that weight, he could out-muscle pretty much anyone in the 90s.

He also showed some of the biggest shoulders, biceps, quads and calves, which is why many people consider he should have won the Olympia against an injured Dorian Yates in 1997.

The only thing that lacked for Nasser was his back! He tended to hold a lot of water there and that ruined the overall impact of his physique.

#8 Paul Dillet

paul dillet vs flex wheeler

Paul is on the right here next to the king of symmetry “Flex Wheeler”. Just look at his size!

At a height of 6’1”, “Jurassic Paul” was one of the freakiest bodybuilders of his time.

Needless to say, Dillet was truly genetically gifted, as he was tall, muscular and had round muscle bellies.

He also had a small waist for a mass monster, which enabled him to hit some of the old-school poses like the crucifix pose.

Besides his muscularity and insane vascularity, Paul was very weak from the back and he also couldn’t hold poses without shaking.

paul dillet back

Paul is on the far right here

The lacking back musculature, along with his weak posing, is exactly what cost him a couple of spots on our list.

#7 Jay Cutler

jay cutler most muscular

Jay is without a doubt one of the biggest bodybuilders to ever compete in the Olympia.

The reason why the 4-time Mr. O lands on our #7 spot is because even though he was big, he was not really all that freaky.

His vascularity was not sickening like others’ on this list and he did not have any prominently developed, freakish body parts.

Perhaps, this balance that he had is what allowed him to win the Mr. Olympia contest 4 times.

#6 Dorian Yates

dorian yates back

In 1993, Dorian “The Shadow” Yates came in bigger and better than ever before.

That year was pretty much considered the transition between the old-school era and the new mass-monster era.

While he isn’t the biggest guy on this list, 6 time Mr. O Dorian Yates is considered to be the person who gave a kickstart to that new era of massive bodybuilders.

Undoubtedly however, Dorian was one of the freakiest. His back, calves and forearms were his stand-out body parts for him.

Plus, Yates was known for having the BEST back of all time, especially due to his prominently shredded christmas tree (lower back).

His trademark combination of solid mass and leanness earns him the #6 spot on this list.

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#5 Roelly Winklaar

roelly winklaar lat spread

Even though Roelly is the shortest bodybuilder on this list at 5’6”, that is exactly what gives him more of a “Freak status”.

Easily, Roelly has one of the best arms and shoulders in the game, as he is notorious for the sheer size of his triceps.

The forearms and biceps are not behind the triceps in terms of development and also, his back has an abundance of width.

Roelly sports one of the most insane most-muscular poses of all time and that is a pose that is tailored to the modern era’s mass monster.

If you can nail that one perfectly, you certainly deserve a #5 on this list!

#4 Big Ramy

big ramy progress

Potentially the biggest bodybuilder in history, Ramy definitely deserves his nickname.

Big Ramy is the only bodybuilder to step on stage at a weight of more than 300 lbs.

He also has the biggest quads in the history of bodybuilding, at an astounding 36 inches!

Structurally and proportionally, Big Ramy is the best on this list.

He is well-developed all around and doesn’t have any significantly lacking body parts.

However, just like #10 Dennis James, Big Ramy always had issues with his conditioning.

His fans are still waiting to see him 100% peeled and dialed-in on stage, which is probably when his Olympia reign will begin.

#3 Kai Greene

phil vs kai

Kai is on the right here next to Mr. Olympia Phil Heath

Just like Roelly, Kai is relatively short at 5’8” and he is not the biggest, freakiest on the list.

However, the lack of height hasn’t stopped “The Predator” from obtaining premium freak status.

Now, you may be wondering “If he isn’t the freakiest, why is he on #3?”.

Well, the reason here is that overall, he is indeed a freak, even though he is not the most massive.

His biceps peaks are one of, if not the best in the game and also, his wide, low lats and striated glutes give him the freak factor.

Besides that, Kai is without a doubt the MOST aesthetic mass monster on the list and he is the one who has control of the immense amount of muscle mass, gained throughout the years.

Kai’s combination of muscularity, conditioning, proportions and unorthodox posing is what gives him the #3 spot here!

#2 Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie coleman 2003

Earlier in his career, in the early 90s, 8-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman was a more “Athletic” bodybuilder.

With a small waist and good proportions, he was pleasing to look at.

However, at his heaviest and most dominant, he was 296 lbs on stage.

At that point, he pretty much won the mass monster game and there was really no one comparable.

Nobody to this day has even slightly reached the mass and condition that ronnie displayed at the 2003 Mr. Olympia.

Even though Jay and Big Ramy are big, they simply don’t have the details and muscularity to hang with the king.

Now you may be wondering who can top Ronnie Coleman.

The answer is…

#1 Markus Ruhl

markus ruhl vs paul dillet

Markus is on the right, next to “Jurassic Paul Dillet”

Ruhl is in no way the most accomplished bodybuilder on this list, but this is not what the list is about anyways.

He surely can’t be compared to the likes of Dorian Yates, Ronnie and even Kai, in terms of achievements.

However, needless to say, this German bodybuilder was one hell of a freak.

With his sheer size and muscularity, he was undeniably one of the biggest freaks of all time.

If you want to see the biggest and most shredded version of Ruhl, check out his posing at the 2002 Night of champions.

This is exactly what earned Mark the #1 spot on this list, as his freakiness is unparalleled!

Check out the video below to see more of these freaks of nature!

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