The Top 10 Benefits of Lifting Weights

The Top 10 Benefits Of Lifting Weights

Are you wondering what the top 10 benefits of lifting weights are?

A lot of people think the only benefit of lifting weights is getting bigger.

Some people will even avoid free weights entirely because they “don’t want to get bulky”. Well as it turns out there are all kinds of benefits to lifting weights besides getting bigger.

In fact, after reading the article below you will see that EVERYONE should perform resistance training if they want a higher quality life.

Find out in the article below the benefits of lifting weights.

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The Top 10 Benefits Of Lifting Weights

The Top 10 Benefits of Lifting Weights

Stronger Immune System

A number of studies have proven that lifting weights will boost the functioning of your immune system.

Remember that as you get older your immune system becomes weaker making it easier to contract infectious diseases.

As a result it’s very important to exercise regularly to slow down or stop this decline.

It Boosts Your Testosterone Levels

Lifting weights – particularly when performing multi-joint movements – results in a nice spike in testosterone levels.

You might be wondering why that matters – well, testosterone is literally the male hormone.

It plays a key role in muscle mass, body fat levels, energy, libido, mood and motivation.

If your testosterone levels are low you are simply less of a man, so it’s in your best interest to make sure your levels are as high as possible.

You can do that by supplementing with a scientifically proven testosterone boosting formula.

That will allow you to turbocharge the natural testosterone production in your body.

Keeps your Muscles, Bones and Joints Healthy

As you age you tend to lose bone density which means your bones become more fragile and more susceptible to injury.

However, if you lift weights regularly you can keep them strong thereby preventing issues down the road.

The Top 10 Benefits Of Lifting WeightsImproves Cognitive Function

Studies show that men who lift weights regularly tend to have better cognitive function – that means sharper memory, increased focus and faster reaction time compared with their colleagues who don’t exercise.

This is why many people go for a walk when they are stuck on a difficult problem or assignment – they find that when they get back to their desk it becomes much simpler.

Better Sex

The testosterone boost you get from working out leads to much higher libido.

That means an increased desire for sex which translates to better sex in general.

Additionally, by having a great physique your partner will enjoy it more as well! Multiple studies show that exercising is a great way to reverse erectile dysfunction and also to strengthen erections.

It’s important to point out this only applies if you have short, intense workouts.

If you are spending several hours per day in the gym you can actually experience the opposite effect as your cortisol levels will spike which will cause your testosterone levels to drop.

Greater Confidence

How do you feel about your body knowing the last time you worked out was before Facebook was invented?

If you know your body is flabby and weak you won’t feel very confident in your appearance.

It’s no surprise that many people with great physiques are also successful in their careers – it gives them tons of self-confidence.

Additionally, the boost in testosterone you get from working out makes you more aggressive and energetic – both of which are major keys to success.

More Energy

It’s easy to convince ourselves to skip a workout because we are feeling tired.

However, in most cases if we are able to drag ourselves there we actually feel more energetic after the fact.

This is a result of the boost in testosterone you get from working out.

It’s no surprise that people who work out regularly have more energy throughout the day and are able to better cope with a busy schedule compared with their non-lifting counterparts.

The Top 10 Benefits Of Lifting WeightsBetter Mood

Lifting weights is one of the best way to reduce the stress and anxiety levels in your life.

Your body will release endorphins during and after your workout which will help you relax and stay calm.

Also, your improved mood and energy levels will make you more motivated to improve your diet. When you have a solid workout program combined with a healthy diet you will be well on your way to building a great physique.

Reduce Risk of Diseases

No we aren’t talking about sexually transmitted diseases here. Working out can reduce your chance of developing many serious diseases including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, stroke and many types of cancer.

If for no other reason you owe it to yourself to work out so that you can enjoy a long, high-quality life.

It Keeps You Feeling Young

The average person loses about 10% of their aerobic capacity every year after the age of 30.

However, if you regularly lift weights you can drastically reduce that process or even reverse it as you get older.

Lifting weight improves your muscle mass, makes your skin tighter, boosts flexibility and reduces your likeliness of ending up with all kinds of nasty health issues.

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