10 Tips To Gain Mass And Bulk Up

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10 Golden Tips To Gain Mass And Bulk Up

Are you trying to put more size to your frame but find it difficult to build up solid muscles?

Then take notes!  Because this article is going to provide you 10 golden tips that you should tattoo on your chest if you’re a hardgainer determined to build up some muscle mass.

You have probably heard a thousand times: “Bro if you wanna grow : just eat much, train with intensity and get a good sleep”   and yes it is that simple to gain mass! But why do we see so many people in the gym training their ass off that are not seeing any results ?

Because they are not consistent and you need to be consistent day in and day out if you really want to build up some solid muscles.

Like if you imagine a man that is trying to climb up an icy mountain and every time he stops climbing he slides down the mountain. Same goes for building muscle, if you are not consistent you won’t achieve anything.

So without further ado here are the 10 golden tips to gain mass and bulk up!

tips to gain mass

1. Get those calories in

When training with intensity your body needs so much more energy than if you are resting. A lot of people out there don’t feed their bodies the energy it needs to grow after they have been training. If you are serious about building up muscle then force down the meal that you just don’t feel like eating,  because that meal is going to make the difference on if you grow or if you don’t!

Take home message: Don’t ever skip a meal

 2. Bodybuilding shakes

For the guys out there that find it hard to eat all those calories , it is really simple to mix a bodybuilding shake that is high in calories and easy to drink. Remember get them calories in! It doesn’t matter if it’s through shakes or food.

Very simple 1200 Calorie shake

  • 2,5 Cups oats
  • 2 Scoops whey protein
  • 1 TBSP peanut butter
  • 2 Cups strawberries
  • 1 Glass of water

Take home message : If you can’t eat it – drink it !

tips to gain mass


 3. Use Creatine

If you use creatine , you will gain weight. Creatine is a very effective supplement to gain weight and build muscle. If you don’t want to supplement with creatine you can simply just eat a lot of chicken, beef and fish because creatine is in all of these items. Creatine fuels ATP which is the energy machine in muscles . With more energy you can push out more reps , lift harder and produce faster results.

Take home message : If you want faster results try creatine.

4. Great WHEY to start the day

The first thing you should do when you wake up is mixing one scoop of whey protein with water/milk and drink it.  You want to be in an anabolic state when you wake up and be sure that you are not breaking down any muscles. This one scoop can make a difference!

Take home message: Great Whey to start the day.

5. Deadlift & Squat

If you are not already including deadlifts and squats in your workout routine than you are wasting time. If your goal is to gain muscle these 2 exercises are probably the best exercises to do so. Some of you guys out there are scared, I have often heard :” I don’t deadlift and squat because it will ruin my back and knees”  Well nobody said that you had to start out by lifting 500 lbs in the deadlift. Start light and try to get the form right first and when you get the form perfect then you can start adding some serious weight on the bar. Learn it , master it and you will see some good results!

Take home message: Deadlifts and Squats are the 2 best exercises to gain mass.tips to gain mass

6. Peanut butter

Eat 3 tablespoons of peanut butter every day – with your breakfast, lunch and dinner. In one tablespoon of peanut butter are 200 high quality calories. So you get 600 calories just from peanut butter per day!

Take home message: In every tablespoon of peanut butter are 200 calories

7. Limit your cardio

If you do cardio every day and your goal is to bulk up and gain mass I would suggest that you limit your cardio. Don’t do cardio more than 3 times per week if your main goal is to gain mass. Cardio has it’s benefits but it’s not going to help you build any muscles.

Take home message: Don’t do to much of cardio

tips to gain mass

8. Coconut Oil

Coconut has many health benefits but the reason why you should eat it, is because it’s high in calories. Mix one teaspoon of coconut oil with your coffee or in your shake. Coconut oil is in solid form so if you want to get it in liquid form you have to put it in the microwave for a few seconds.

Take home message : In one tablespoon of coconut oil are 120 calories

9. Cheap recipe for bulking up

Take two cups of brown rice , handful of black beans ,scramble 4 eggs and mix this together and eat it.  This is a very simple , cheap, easy recipe to do and will definitely help you bulk up.

Take home message: Brown rice, black beans, scrambled eggs = easy recipe.

10. On the road

If you are much on the road and can’t always go home and cook a good meal than make sure that you always have some good items in your car that you can eat. You can pack your trunk with long lasting items such as : oats, beans , peanut butter,  protein bars and powder so you will always get your nutritional needs for the day.

Take home message : Pack your trunk with long lasting foods.


So there you have it guys, here is the short version of this article.

  • Don’t ever skip a meal.
  • If you can’t eat it – drink it.
  • If you want faster results try creatine.
  • Great Whey to start the day.
  • Deadlifts and Squats are the 2 best exercises to gain mass.
  • In every tablespoon of peanut butter are 200 calories.
  • In one talbespoon of coconut oil are 120 calories
  • Brown rice, black beans, scrambled eggs = easy recipe.
  • Pack your trunk with long lasting foods.

Good luck to bulk up and gain mass !

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