10 Simple Tips To Bulk Up And Get Huge: Let The Bulk Begin!

Let The Bulk Begin! 10 Simple Tips To Bulk Up And Get Huge!

10 Tips To Bulk Up

If you need 10 simple tips to bulk up, then you’ve come to the right place. When you come face to face with a mass monster, the first thing you usually feel is shock and awe. The sheer size of the individual demands immediate attention and respect followed closely by the question, “how the hell is that even possible?” True mass is the result of years of dedication and a whole lot of genetics as well. That being said, despite or in spite of the genetics cards you were dealt, you too can become a huge version of yourself because the fact of the matter is being huge is all relative and if you want to get as big as you possibly can, here are 10 tips to bulk up you need to know about.

tips to bulk up

#1. Eat on a consistent basis: You should always be aiming to consume a meal every two to three hours consistently day in and day out. This will ensure your body always has an influx of the nutrients needed for growth.

#2. Pay attention to your macros: The ratio you need to grow will be unique to your individual needs but with that said, try a ratio of 50% carbs, 30% protein, 20% fats as a good starting point.

#3. Increase your healthy fat intake: If that ratio doesn’t work for you, try substantially increasing your healthy fat intake. This macronutrient will support important hormone production necessary for optimal growth as well as give you a surplus of calories per gram.

#4. Choose red meat as your protein sources: Red meat is a phenomenal source of protein as it contains more protein per gram than many of your other options and it also contains the fats I mentioned above conducive to new growth.

#5. Choose your carb sources wisely: Not all carbs were created equal and your choice in this matter can and will affect your ability to grow. Avoid sources such as breads and cereals and opt for sources such as potatoes, brown rice pastas and whole grain oats.

#6. Slow down your metabolism: Sometimes by trying to eat more often in your efforts to consume more daily, you end up speeding up your metabolism which will actually limit your ability to bulk up. Instead of consuming 6 small/medium sized meals a day, take it back to 4 large meals per day which should slow down your metabolism just enough to keep the gains rolling in.

#7. Get dirty: You’ve all no doubt heard of the dirty bulk. As a bodybuilder this may not be the most favourable option as the food choices will be severely lacking in quality nutrients. But that doesn’t mean a big dirty greasy meal every once in awhile isn’t a good idea when bulking up; just make sure this meal is strategically placed to enhance your gains and not diminish everything you’re working for.

#8. Decrease training frequency: You should all know by now that you don’t grow while in the gym but as a result of what you do outside of the gym. Try limiting your training to only 3 days a week, 4 at the max which will allow for a ton of time to rest and grow.

#9. Sleep: Every chance you get, sleep as much as you can. Get a good night’s sleep (at least 6-8 hours) and then nap throughout the day. If you can, lay around your house watching television until it’s time to eat or train. Other than that, don’t move.

#10. Stuff yourself before bed: Back in the day, a certain supplement company used to make a shake that consisted of 2500 calories per serving. Those who drank this shake prior to going to bed went to bed feeling very ill but grew dramatically as a result.

Bulking can be fun and a great opportunity to add new muscle to your frame that will be seen once the additional fat has been stripped away. Do it right, do it often if you’d like and grow like a weed. Big is beautiful; don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Use these 10 tips to bulk up to maximize your results!

Author: Dana Bushell

AST Sports Science sponsored athlete/writer, Endevr Athlete, SKECHERS Brand Ambassador, Sponsored by Schiek Sports Inc.

Blog: https://customtrainingpro.weebly.com

Contact: customtrainingpro@gmail.com

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