Tips On Staying Lean While Building Muscle

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

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So, you’re trying to build massive amounts of muscle but don’t want to become a fatbrah a long the way mate? That’s what we all want right? Bigger muscle yet still being shredded as f*ck.

In this video Silent Mike tries to give you his best tips on achieving this; staying lean while building muscle. Watch the video below OR if you’re a lazybrah who considers himself too busy for watching you can read the bullet points from this video below the video.

  1. Tracking Macros certainly helps but isn’t always necessary
  2. Eating “cleaner” foods usually will help volumize (as they tend to be less calorically dense), making you FEEL more full
  3. Mike slowly started upping his calories, seeing how his weight changed and adjusting accordingly
  4. Making consistent small smart choices go a long way (do you really need extra butter on dat popcorn brah?)
  5. Weigh yourself every week so you KNOW how you are progressing
  6. If you DO go overboard, a mini-cut (reducing calories below maintenance for 1-2 weeks) can help.

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