This Normal Guy Went To Prison, Came Back Nick-named 'THE BEAST'

This Normal Guy Went To Prison, Came Back Nick-named ‘THE BEAST’

Meet the man they call ‘The Beast’, you probably don’t need to ask why’s he called that…

Jens Dalsgaard, 31, has achieved internet fame for his huge appearance. The lad from Denmark stands at 5 foot 10 inches tall, but has a staggering chest size of 140cm and an arm circumference of 58cm.

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When I watched cartoons, I always preferred the villains rather than the heroes and I loved the baddies’ big muscly physiques. When I started my bodybuilding transformation two years ago, my muscles just grew bigger and bigger and people on the internet started calling me ‘Jens the Beast’ and that nickname just stuck.

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As a young lad growing up, Jens had a pretty happy childhood until the age of 10, when his mum was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This horrific condition left her wheelchair bound and when he turned 24-years-old she sadly passed away.

Devastated by her death, his life took a downwards turn and he became involved with local gangs. In a matter of months, Jens was sentenced to four years in prison for his involvement.

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I lost myself and ended up in prison. But when I was in jail, I was offered some cognitive behavioral therapy. The therapy changed my life and the way that I thought. It made me want to help others to become stronger, fitter and more balanced version of themselves.

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In 2012, Jens was released from prison and he decided to turn his life around by focusing on bodybuilding, something that’s become an obsession ever since. He started working out five times a week, eating nine meals a day, taking supplements and learning how to train efficiently to build his body mass.

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“Before I went to prison, I had started getting my face tattoos but those inkings had a negative intent. When I was released, I was done with that way of life. To put the past behind me, my brother – who is a tattoo artist – tattooed my face with a new Mauri inspired facial tattoo. Now my facial inking tells stories from my life and who I am now. I also started getting other tattoos – three on my leg, one on my stomach and the rest of my body is pretty much fully covered.”

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