This Is How Every Workout Will Be A “Winner”

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

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The mentality you have towards training will go a long way in determining how much progress you will see when it comes to your physique. While many lifters believe that they have to set a new PR every time they hit the gym that is no where near the truth.

Now if you are hitting PR’s every training session that isn’t a bad thing at all but that’s not all you should be focused on. But what you have to realize is that getting to your fitness goals will be a long journey and once you recognize that and fall in love with the process of getting there you’ll start getting a lot more of your training sessions. There is nothing wrong with not setting a PR every day. What you need to be focusing on is getting better each and every day, once you adopt that mentality you’ll begin to see the results you’ve been looking for. Listen to what Elliott Hulse says should be your points of emphasis when at the gym in the video below!

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