This Guy Travelled Across Europe To Get Ab Implants

This Guy Travelled Across Europe To Get Ab Implants

A lad from Leeds has travelled over 2,000 miles and spent £3,500 to get a set of perfect abs.

Lee Coupland, 31, travelled to Istanbul, Turkey to have the fat sucked from his stomach before going under the knife, to have a procedure known as abdominal etching. The surgery will reportedly give Lee a permanent six pack.

Lee said: “I think more and more people will think it’s an option for them and it will become as common as boob jobs and nose jobs for women.”


Shockingly he’s not the only British man willing to have cosmetic surgery to get the body he wants. In fact at the hospital Lee visited seven British men have had the procedure in the last six months.

Lee’s surgery began by having the little fat he had melted down by ultrasound and strategically drained to show off his muscles.

Lee explained: “In that procedure the surgeon got me to tense up and actually feel where my grooves are so they could draw on my natural lines… The second part of the procedure is laser lipo which is where they create a thick scar line in the groove I can actually feel a hard line where the shape of the abdominals are.”

Despite his fabulous permanent abs, Lee is under no illusions that he can start getting lazy, saying: “The procedure itself can only enhance what you already have… It’s not a miracle, you’ve still got to work hard to maintain it, you’ve still got to have a level of muscle and tone underneath.”

Lee says he had the surgery so he could prioritise his family over spending time in the gym.

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