This Guy Roasts Natural Bodybuilder Mike O'Hearn In a "How To Spot a Fake Natty" Video

This Guy Roasts Natural Bodybuilder Mike O’Hearn In a “How To Spot a Fake Natty” Video

So this guy who calls himself JuggernautFitness on YouTube releases a few videos per week. He gives training advices and talks about hot topics from the fitness industry. Like many other YouTubers do.

In one of his more recent videos he tries to explain how you can spot a “fake natty” (natty is a slang used by gym rats to describe fellow bodybuilders who DO NOT take illegal steroids and are therefore natural bodybuilders. So a fake natty is someone who claims to be steroid-free but in reality is not).

He takes shot at industry legend Mike O’Hearn and calls him Mike O’Tren (referring to Trenbolone, a popular steroid) and uses him as an example.

Do you think his tips are legit?

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