This Canadian Woman Was Barred From Her Gym As Her Boobs Were Too Big!

This Canadian Woman Was Barred From Her Gym As Her Boobs Were Too Big!

This happened in Canada of all places! While people are talking about which bathrooms certain people can use, people in Canada are talking about what size chests should be allowed in gyms!


This woman was told by the staff at her gym that the clothes she was wearing were inappropriate and was bothering fellow gym goers. She was surprised and embarrassed at this news and as she looked around the gym, she saw many women wearing the same attire. This is when something truly shocking happened.


She was told that her clothing was inappropriate not because of the clothes themselves, but because of the size of her chest.

This is despite the advertisements of the gym showing women wearing similar, or more revealing tops.


So by this logic, women with large breast can wear whatever they want and its fine, but if you have large breasts, they don’t want you there wearing certain clothes.

“I said I can’t help it that my chest may appear larger than some other women’s here because of my small frame, but I can’t do anything about it,” she said.

By the sounds of it, other gym goers were jealous of her and tried to take her down a notch by reporting her. Her small frame is to blame, as women with bigger frames don’t have these problems apparently.

When leaving the gym, she asked the gym goers if they had a problem with what she was wearing and they all said no. It seems that perhaps the gym staff was jealous enough and may have pretended that there were complaints from gym goers.


“I am a member of Movati Athletic Club in Orleans, ON. Today, I was instructed by a Supervisor at the club that my tank top was inappropriate dress and is offensive to both the staff and other members. That at Movati they have a dress code stating only appropriate gym attire and modest clothing is to be worn. I will start by saying my tank top was no different than many other women’s tank top at the club; except my chest size is much larger in appearance in comparison to my frame than many of the other women. After asking every woman at the club who I could find on the way out if my attire offended them and they responded no, it became clear that the only ones offended were the two women supervisors working at the club today. I pointed out to them that my shirt was no different than any other woman’s shirt. They informed me that it did not matter that due to my chest size I could not wear a tank top. I felt humiliated and discriminated against due to my figure. I was singled out and it is unfair to say I cannot wear a tank top and other women can! Different figures means different rules? I would like to bring this out to the public! If tank tops are not allowed at the gym for me because of my chest size than all women should not be allowed to wear tank tops regardless of size.

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