This Bodybuilder Drinks Breast Milk For Bulking and Claims It Has Growth Hormone In It

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Danny Davidson, 32, is literally pulling out all the stops in order to grow to massive proportions. Danny claims that he asked some older bodybuilders about what other supplements that would take and one mentioned breast milk. He also says that breast milk is the best supplement when building muscle as the milk contains Growth Hormone in it already (read all about Growth Hormone here), which aids in his bulking. (whether that is true or not, who knows?)



He buys breast milk from local mothers in the London area and new mothers. He claims that he’s been drinking Breast Milk for 5 yrs and has yet to contract any infections or a diseases, especially after drinking 100 ml several times a week.


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He says that the “it ranges in color and consistency and the earlier it is in the growth, the more Growth hormone is has in it”. (Don’t take our word for it, that’s what he said in the video below.)


He claims he’s gotten bigger and developed more muscle mass since he’s started drinking breast milk on a weekly basis. He spends anywhere from £20 to £40 a week on breast milk in order to maintain his size and not have to take steroids.

There are easier ways to boost your growth hormone levels naturally… see our guide here.

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