These Guys Only Train 20 Minutes a WEEK! - Their Secret Training Method Has Been Revealed

These Guys Only Train 20 Minutes a WEEK! – Their Secret Training Method Has Been Revealed

These twins have rock hard abs and perfectly sculpted chests, which you would think would take hundreds of hours a month to perfect, but they have claimed that instead of working out for hours each day, they have suggested that they only work out for 20 minutes a week!


27-year-olds Zoran and Goran Tot, who both hail from Croatia, have an incredibly unique training regime that saves them loads of time over their peers who spend hours in the gym.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Zoran said – “We literally are in and out of the gym in 20 minutes once a week. We do 5 minute of high intensity cardio followed by 15 minute of high intensity weight training and that’s it.”

Although their workouts are very short, they make sure that they are extremely intense, and Goran made sure to stress that the 20 minutes are the “toughest 20 minutes they go through”.


He briefly broke down their workout regime –

“Basically we warm up for one minute on the treadmill, followed by two minutes all out sprinting, followed by another minute of walking and finish off with a 30 second all out sprint and a 30 second walk (to cool down)”

“Then we hit the weights. Two sets of the following; Squats, Shoulder Press, Bench Press, Incline Bench Press, Rows and dips.”


“One set is a warm up then with 10 second rest then we go straight into a high rep workout. We then move onto the next exercise with literally 30 seconds rest for each.”

“Our muscles are fully pumped and by allowing blood to constantly circulate through the body the fibres are constantly getting fed and blood flown into them”

The twins also follow a very strict diet that helps them to maintain their physique and which is made up largely of high protein, low carb foods and high quality supplements.

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