Thermakor Review – Is This 15 Ingredients Fat burner Powerful?

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thermakor fat burner

Thermakor did not make it to the top 10 list of fat burners ; See complete list here


  • Contains green tea extract
  • Contains proprietary blends
  • Very low dosed
  • Missing most key ingredients

This Thermakor review is going to separate the fact from the fiction! Is it a genuine fat burner or yet another ineffective supplement?

Here’s the deal:

The Thermakor formula looks overwhelming at first glance.

In this review, we have examined the ingredients and know exactly how good or bad it is.

Let’s get down to business.

Quick Summary of This Thermakor Review

thermakor review bottles

Here are the facts:

Thermakor is manufactured and marketed by Kor Nutrition LLC. This company is based in Utah, US.

It appears that, at the moment, Thermakor is the only product made by the company.

This weight loss supplement is designed as both a male and female fat burner, although there does seem to be slightly more emphasis on the female market.

There’s more:

Kor Nutrition offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on Thermakor.

Basically, if you haven’t seen the results at this time, they will refund your money.

While in some ways this is a bonus, to me, it’s not long enough.

You need to give your body time to adjust to the supplement before seeing real impressive results.

Get this:

Thermakor claims that through its natural formulation it will:

Boost the metabolism through thermogenesis

Provide long-lasting energy throughout the day

Decrease body fat percentage

        Eliminate appetite

Create a massive increase in mental focus

Burn fat while and rest and during exercise

Increase stamina

Those are some impressive claims, right?

Well, this Thermakor review will see if it can meet these incredible targets!

Thermakor – Does It Work?

I started off this Thermakor review a little negatively, stressing the fact that many of the numerous weight loss supplements available simply do not work.

Well, here’s the positive!

The best fat burners on the market contain ingredients that are scientifically proven to shed fat. Fact.

Women using these weight loss pills have seen incredible results. Fat drops off easily, energy and mood increase, and they are generally looking damn gorgeous.

It’s just that some fat burners out there give the whole market a bad name.

Here’s the bottom line:

(Remember, this is not a Cellucor Super HD or Instant Knockout review. Those are totally different fat burners!)

I know what you’re thinking:

Will this Thermakor review show that it deserves to be ranked among the best?

Keep reading and you’ll find out!

Thermakor Review – Who Is It For?

It could be that, by the end of this Thermakor review, you make the decision that it’s not the right product for you.

However, before you read any further, let me point out who this fat burner, and for that matter, weight loss supplements in general, are designed for!

Thermakor is for women who:

Want a natural way to lose weight without synthetics

Are looking for an awesome, slim toned body

Need to keep their hunger pangs under control

Have hit a plateau in their weight loss

Require energy boosts to power through exercise and daily life

Have become unimpressed with their current fat shedding results

Are over 18 years of age

Know the importance of watching the food intake

Are physically active

See the last couple of points? They are damn important.

Many supplements claim they can drop the pounds without any effort at all – without watching the diet and exercising.

Trust me, that’s just hype.

If a pill was developed that could do that, the company behind it would be millionaires and spell the end of the weight loss market.

When you hear those claims, it’s a supplement to be ignored.

Here’s the key:

A genuine supplement will always indicate that you still need to be sensible about your food intake and remain active.

Do this, and the effort that you put in will be repaid over and over by the fat burners. They really are the gift that keeps on giving!

So, we’ve seen the promises, but how does it claim to work?

In the next part of this Thermakor review, you will find out!

Thermakor Review – How Does It Work?

thermakor review body

According to the official Thermakor website, it claims to work through three processes.

Appetite Suppression

As I already mentioned in this Thermakor review, for the most effective results, you still need to watch the diet.

That means no donuts or ice-cream between meals.

Problem is, that can be tough!

It’s not just about feeling hungry.

Listen to this:

Eating foods raises serotonin levels in the body. This hormone provides the feeling of happiness and joy – meaning that every time you eat, you get a ‘reward’ feeling. It’s addictive!

But there’s more:

Studies have shown that this ‘reward’ feeling is much higher in women than men, making them more likely to snack! 1

So it’s not your fault, it’s simply genetic!

The ingredients in Thermakor claim they can suppress these cravings.

Less snacking = fewer calories = less fat


While you are reading this article, you are burning calories. Not many, but you are burning them (unless you’re eating a cake at the same time).

Basically, this ‘ticking over’ calorie burn is your basal metabolic rate (BMR). It measures how much energy is spent while at rest.

If this is boosted, more calories are consumed and fat is lost.

This is important.

Thermakor claims its main power lies in thermogenesis. In short, the ingredients in this fat burner are designed to raise the internal temperature of the body, which in turn sends BMR skyrocketing.2

This increase requires fuel, which it finds in the fat stores.

Which means:

Weight is dropped and you look incredible.

Energy and Mental Boost

Thermakor claims that it can raise energy levels.

If it’s true, that’s very useful.

With more vitality, you are more likely to hit the gym, exercise or just go for a walk.

All of these will contribute to losing weight.

What’s more:

It also promises to increase focus and mood. With a positive outlook on life, chances are that you will stick to the weight loss program and get the body you deserve!

Here’s the bottom line:

Those are the claims, but does Thermakor have the ingredients to power these processes?

Thermakor Review of the Ingredients

thermakor review ingredients

It’s time for an analogy in this Thermakor review!

Think of a fat burner as a sports car.

Stick with me here!

They can look amazing, but it’s what’s under the hood that counts!

Well, at first glance, this is what you see in the engine behind Thermakor.

It contains 15 ingredients, which seems impressive. That should be a lot of fat burning power, right?

Well, not necessarily.

These ingredients are grouped together in proprietary blends, namely: heat blend, muscle blend, and energy blend.

Let me explain:

In short, these are mixes of ingredients. The issue is, they are not quantified. It’s impossible to see how much of each ingredient is included.

That’s an issue.

Even if the formula is full of scientifically proven fat burners, they might not have sufficient volume to have any effect at all.

As the entire capsule is only 695 mg, divide that up between 15 ingredients and it doesn’t seem so impressive.

And you have to ask the question:

Why would you want to hide the power behind your supplement? Surely if you were confident in it, you would want the world to know, right?

Anyway, there also appears to be a couple of different formulations for this product, so I will stick with the one which appears the most popular.

Here’s the detail:

White Willow

A traditional ingredient made from tree bark which has been used as an anti-inflammatory.

While it has become popular through historic use, that’s about as much proof as there is for its efficacy.

A recent study indicated that there is no evidence in either human or animal trials that it can help with weight loss.3

Green Tea

This is a good ingredient and nice to see its inclusion in Thermakor.

Packed full of antioxidants, green tea should not be underestimated for its health benefits.

And its power continues as a weight loss ingredient. It can also boost BMR and raise energy levels.

A genuine fat-burning ingredient.4


Another bark extract.

I’m not too convinced this is an ingredient that should be in here.

Let me explain:

Firstly, it’s quite a powerful stimulant. It may be ok for men but it’s not really suitable for female physiology. There are much better alternatives.

And secondly, studies have shown that there is no evidence it can lead to weight loss.5

As an aside, Yohimbe is most widely known as a treatment for erectile dysfunction in guys! 6

Black Pepper

thermakor review pepper

A useful ingredient for two reasons:

It works as an effective thermogenic to boost BMR and shed fat.

Black pepper increases absorption of other ingredients, so they are not passed out through urine and therefore wasted.

Although useful, chances are there are insufficient amounts in Thermakor to have any effect.


This Chinese herb is reputed to have anti-inflammatory effects and promote weight loss.

Some studies on rats and mice have indicated that it may have thermogenic, and therefore fat burning, effects, but there is little evidence available for humans.7

There are much better alternatives available.

Other ingredients: white tea extract, inositol hexaphosphate, aspidosperma quebracho-blanco, DMAE, inula racemosa, troxerutin, cnidium monnieri, caffeine anhydrous, xanthinol nicotinate, codonopsis pilosula

thermakor review mix

Ingredients Breakdown

Let me be honest in this Thermakor review:

I not overly impressed with this formulation.

Here’s why:

Firstly, none of the ingredients are quantified. Even if they are scientifically proven as effective, their dosage is probably too low.

Secondly, there are some ingredients included which have little effect on fat burning and have no scientific basis behind them.

And thirdly, it lacks the power of serious weight loss ingredients. In a serious supplement, I would be looking for glucomannan, turmeric, garcinia Cambogia and cayenne.

What Do the Thermakor Reviews Say?

As you have seen in this Thermakor review, the formulation is not very impressive.

But maybe I’m wrong!

There could be something I’ve missed. The real test is whether customers are seeing results from this fat burner. I searched Thermakor reviews bodybuilding and weight loss forums for the evidence.

Here’s what the Thermakor customer reviews are saying:

“Not what I expected, but did lose some weight.”

-J. Zarate

“does cut down my snacking habits

-Lisa K.

“Product didn’t give energy nor did it help with weight loss.”

-H. Lampley

“no difference in taking this product! No boost in energy or fat loss

-Social Fashionista

I didn’t feel any boost of energy using this. My appetite was not curbed. No results from using this product”


did not really do much for me

-B Gunns

“Useless. No energy, not weight loss after 2 months. Waste of money

-Val P.

I think you get the idea!

Thermakor Review – Does It Work?

This is the most important question in this Thermakor review.

Let me start by making this clear

This supplement is lacking in so many areas:

No dosage information

Ingredients with no scientific proven fat burning abilities

Missing key has proven weight loss elements

Promises more than it can achieve

Poor customer testimonials

Not the best thermogenic on the market

I cannot even praise it for the fat burning ingredients it does contain, as the dosage is hidden from the customer.

The bottom line?

Mark Thermakor as forgettable.

Instead, for real genuine weight loss results, find a fat burner that includes the serious ingredients I mentioned earlier in this Thermakor review.

Do that, and you will be on the road to the perfect beach body!


“Thermakor Side Effects?”

All the ingredients in Thermakor are natural, so it’s unlikely you will suffer any adverse effects. However, some users did complain of headaches, sleeplessness, and feeling agitated. This could be down to the stimulants in the product.

“Where to Buy Thermakor?”

Thermakor is available from the official Kor Nutrition Thermakor website and Amazon.

“How Do I Take Thermakor?”

Take one capsule, twice daily between meals to check you are ok with the caffeine content. If so, increase to two capsules twice daily.

“Is there a Thermakor UK website?”

There is no specific UK website, although Thermakor does ship worldwide.


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