The Truth About Fat Shaming And Feminists Might Hate It

The Truth About Fat Shaming And Feminists Might Hate It

The ‘fat acceptance movement’ wants society to accept and celebrate obesity, with some fat pride activists even calling for critics of obesity to be arrested for hate speech. This bizarre new branch of third wave feminism only encourages women to live terribly unhealthy lives, but it is being legitimized by social justice warriors and the media to further their real agenda of social engineering.


People can’t choose their skin color. They can’t choose their gender. But aside from those with medical conditions, you chose to be fat. Deal with it.


“Yes, if you’re obese you should be paying more for health insurance, just as smokers do. You’re more likely to die. Men pay more for car insurance than women because men are more likely to crash, but we don’t see a ‘dangerous driving acceptance’ movement being promoted by the men’s rights crowd, do we?”

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7 thoughts on “The Truth About Fat Shaming And Feminists Might Hate It”

  1. Avatar

    You give off the assumption that obesity is ok if caused by medical conditions. Why not give a list of all diseases that can cause weight gain instead of just the ones exacerbated by it? Including mental health disorders that are more common and undiagnosed because of 21st century culture of availability of information and access to strangers ignorant opinions permeating every aspect of our consciousness. I was privileged enough to read and watch this piece of garbage because it was liked by my boyfriend on Facebook and was fortunate enough to hit my nnews feed. As someone whosis both a female and has struggled since middle school to maintain a healthy weight, I am disgusted by this. The only reason I watched it to the end was to see if I found any valid point that I could use to justify the information in this article. I did not. All I could find was half truths and misinformed opinions. I feel confident Iin my assessment as I am also a currently practicing registered nurse. There are so many other different factors that influence a person’s weight and ability to loose/maintain weight loss that arent even addressed in this article. it Iis disheartening and dissapointing.

    1. Avatar

      regardless of how many factors there are, what circumstance you’re in and who you are, maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly should be paramount. The ever increasing obesity epidemic is crushing health services and providing full acceptance of extreme obesity is akin to showing kids it’s ok to smoke. Just as these people chose to be the weight and as unhealthy as they are, does not mean we should celebrate such as they are slowly killing themselves with their obesity. I do not condone fat shaming, but acceptance and celebration of people who are unhealthy by choice is celebrating weakness of spirit, character and motivation. I personally believe that people should strive to be the best they can be, and obesity is no one’s best, we should not make it seem such

  2. Avatar
    Jeremy Gillespie

    It should be illegal to call people old also. Old shaming. Let’s start more dumb shit. The stupid is now!

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