The Top 5 Richest Modern Body Builders - #3 Did Surprise Me

The Top 5 Richest Modern Body Builders – #3 Did Surprise Me

The Top 5 Richest Modern Body Builders

The physically and mentally arduous endeavor of becoming a professional body builder is a long and daunting goal. Becoming a body builder involves hour after hour, month after month, and year after year of pouring out sweat and pushing oneself to their limits within the gym. And after an extended period of time, like a sculptor stepping back to look at his work, the weight lifters aesthetically pleasing body emerges. The highest paid body builders today have earned their income due to their hard-work and dedication.

There are three main ways the highest paid body builders of today earn their money. The first, and the most popular way, is entering contests. The best of the best of professional body builders congregate to the famous Mr. Olympia contest. At this contest, the body builders demonstrate different poses, and judges take their pick of the best looking bodies. In 2013, the prize money for the number one spot was a tremendous $250,000. The second way pro body builders make money is off sponsorships. Whether it is supplement sponsors or clothing sponsors, depending on the status and marketability of the body builder, sponsorship deals could be in the millions. The third way body builders make top dollar is through modelling. Popular fitness magazines, like “Flex” or “Muscle and Fitness”, are willing to dish out a particular amount of money depending on the builders popularity and status within the world of body building. Magazine models make an average of anywhere from $500 a day, to $2000 a day, perhaps even more depending on the individuals marketability.  These three methods are the key elements to a professional body builder’s most efficacious way to make money.

5. Dorian Yates – Net Worth: At Least 4 million

dorian yates

The five most affluence contemporary body builders are the ones best taking advantage of the three key methods for a body builder making money. The fifth most affluent in the world of body building is the fifty one year old Dorian Yates. Yates impressively won the title of Mr. Olympia six years in a row, from 1992 to 1997, tying the great Arnold Schwarzenegger’s total amount of consecutive victories. From his six perpetual victories alone, he made $600,300 dollars. Yates has appeared in numerous muscle magazines, has endorsed several supplement companies, and even has published two books and work out videos. In the 90’s, the media and networking wasn’t as abundant as it is now, so it’s logical to postulate that today Yates is at worth at least four million.

4. Phil Heath – Net Worth: 5 Million

phil heath 3

The fourth on our list is the current Mr. Olympia, the thirty four year old Phil “The Gift” Heath. Having won the title of Mr. Olympia for the past three years in a row earned him $700,000 from those three victories. This eminent body builder has appeared on the cover of “Flex Magazine,” has released four training DVD’S, places first in competition’s more times than he doesn’t, and has even made an appearance on the wrestling show, TNA Impact. Phil Heath is worth today approximately five million dollars, and with his sky rocketing popularity, he is not going to stop making money any time soon.

3. Dexter Jackson – Net Worth: At Least 7 Million

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 13.40.34The third richest body builder among us today is Dexter Jackson. Dexter’s competitive resume encompasses an extensive list that dates back to 1992, where he is usually holding a spot in the top three. Dexter has produced a successful documentary about himself, and has appeared on the covers of several fitness magazines. Now at the age of 44, and currently living in Florida, Dexter is showing no signs of relaxing or becoming languid, since he recently placed first in the latest competition he entered. Dexter, due to his extensive years in the weight lifting game, his income cannot be delineated, however, it is safe to surmise that he is worth at least six to seven million.

2. Ronnie Coleman – Net Worth: 10 Million
ronnie colman legs

Now we start hitting big numbers. The second place spot goes to Ronnie Coleman, who is hands down one of the most successful body builders to every walk this planet. Besides his staggering eight Mr. Olympia wins, and 26 wins as an International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness pro body builder (a standing record), Coleman has been in numerous training videos that have been successful. Ronnie has enjoyed the fame and fortune that has come along with his success. The 49 year old Coleman has been a competitive body builder since 1990, and today, he is worth 10 million dollars.

1. Jay Cutler – Net Worth: 30 Million

jay cutler3

The man who takes the number one spot is an individual who triumphs in salary compared to the other four on our list. He has been weight traning since he was 18, he has been entering professional competitions for over two decades, has won Mr. Olympia four times, has received much publicity from muscle magazines and sponsors, while also having released workout videos and worked as a personal trainer, this man is none other than Jay Cutler. He is one of the few professional body builders to figure out how to make the most out of his career, and most importantly, sustain a viable income. He is the most marketable body builder in contemporary society, having relished in affluence and fame, with no signs of retiring, Mr. Cutler is worth a tremendous $30 million. Aspiring body builders and current body builders should all take a look at the career choices of Jay Cutler if they desire to play the game in the way he has.
All in all, professional body building is a career that only lasts so many years, simply because the body becomes frail and is unable to take the same amount physical activity as it used to. In the list above are five of not only the most successful body builders, but also the smartest. Smartest because they stand above the others and have made a name and also a career for themselves. They are going to live a comfortable life for the rest of their days because they ceased their opportunities when they came. For these five individuals, a lifetime of hard work has paid off because they feel they have been rewarded for it. Nothing is stopping anyone from going out and grasping what they desire.

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