The Simplest, Yet Most Effective Diet For Getting Shredded That Has Gone Viral

The Simplest, Yet Most Effective Diet For Getting Shredded That Has Gone Viral

Everybody wants to get rid of some fat to reveal all the hard work. Visible flawless abs, ripped arms and sculpted shoulders. Sounds good right?

Well, everyone wants this, but not everyone is willing to do the work required. Most people are scared of the process, they have no idea how to get shredded. So what is the easiest and most simplest, yet most effective way to attain a sexy, ripped body?

Introducing the 4 Step Guide to getting shredded.

#1 Stop eating the obvious shitty foods

I hope that you still don’t think that you can still eat candy and do some magic and out of nowhere be shredded.

The first step in getting shredded is dropping the

  • junk food
  • candy
  • sodas
  • cookies
  • excess booze

No cheat meals either. Just do it mate, every cheat meal is a step back.

#2 Stop eating the un-obvious shitty foods

WTF do I mean with unobvious shitty foods? Well, some people actually don’t know that a lot of the “healthy foods” aren’t really that healthy. These are the foods that aren’t as bad as the obvious shitty foods, but still hindering your fat loss gains.

I’m talking about the foods that have “low fat” label on their packages. These foods usually have hidden sugar in them and by sugar I mean a sh*t load of sugar.

But also, the 2nd step in getting shredded is dropping the

  • Wheat
  • Milk
  • fruit juice

Wheat might sound controversial but if you honestly just want honest, simple results, then just do it.

#3 Replace the obvious and un-obvious shitty foods with better stuff

Replace the wheat (bread cereal and pastas) with rice, potatoes, oatmeal, quinoa and starchy vegetables.

Replace the obvious shitty fast foods with home cooked meals. Eat your meat, veggies and eggs.

Replace you fruit juice with water because you’re not f*cking 8 years old anymore mate and milk with almond milk.

#4 Make Your Hard Work Count

You want to get shredded abs, right?

You want to have sculpted arms and shoulders, right?

You want your friends to notice your hard work, right?

If your answer is Yes to these questions then please read on.

If you’re not already shredded it likely has nothing to do with you. You see because for some guys it can be extremely hard to get rid of those last few pounds of body fat. The so called stubborn body-fat.

Well not to worry, the supplement industry has evolved fast the last couple of years and companies now have their hands on effective fat burners.

Fat burners (if they contain legit ingredients) have been proven to help guys just like you to get rid of those last few pounds of body fat. So that you can finally reveal your abs.


Make sure you don’t get fooled by the supplement industry though. Some companies have been putting ineffective fillers in their supplement to make more money.

You can find out what ingredients to look for in our ultimate guide to fat burners here: Read our report on fat burners now.

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2 thoughts on “The Simplest, Yet Most Effective Diet For Getting Shredded That Has Gone Viral”

  1. Avatar

    How about skim milk? And low fat dairy such as cottage cheese and yoghurt?? Also would egg-yolks be considered ‘bad fats’ (I have about 8 whole a day).

    1. Avatar

      There’s a growing body of research that there aren’t really “bad” fats, with the exception of trans fats. Really with eggs you worry about dietary cholesterol, which I recently read only effects some individuals if I recall correctly. 8 may be excessive though, so consider getting your cholesterol checked.

      You’re fine eating dairy and wheat, what I think the author’s intent was, though poorly communicated, was to cut out calorie dense foods. Ultimately, and it is somewhat of an over-simplification, calories in and calories out are what help you drop weight/fat. You can get more involved than that, but there’s limiting factors in accuracy and you’re only as accurate as your least accurate measurement.

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