The People In The Gym That You Feel Sorry For

The People In The Gym That You Feel Sorry For

The BroScience community loves to make solid gains and pack on pounds of muscles. Everyday we get pictures sent all over the world from brahs sharing their mind blowing transformation with us and it’s warms our hearts to see so many dedicated young bodybuilders and powerlifters. But many people in the gym are not so fortunate to make serious gains year by year and build an impressive physique, those are the people we feel sorry for.

jay master

Fat loss guy who is still fat but is now an expert

We have all seen the fat loss guy who made a serious life changing transformation and went from 320 lbs to 250 pounds. He might have lost a good amount of weight but he is still overweight and has been 250 lbs for the past 3 years and is still considered an expert in the gym who gives out advice to other fat people.

ronnie master

Fat mom who has been training for 3 years with the same personal trainer

There are so many fat moms out there that have been training consistently for years with a personal trainer on the side but still look the same as when they started. Many of these personal trainers in gyms don’t even look like they lift and their clients are definitely not getting serious results.

arnold master

The average guy who lifts like a p*ssy

We have all seen the guy who wears a BEAST MODE tank top in the gym but has never squatted or deadlifted in his entire life. His workouts are never intense and he doesn’t push himself to his potential. These guys usually own all the supplements but their workouts are so ineffective that they look the same year by year.

phil master

The 130lb ripped expert

He might be one of the most ripped guys in the gym but he has no muscles to show, he still feels like he can give bigger guys advice on diet, training and everything that relates to bodybuilding.

jay cutler ms

The forever fat bulker

You have probably seen the guy who is always fat but still has some size and strenght. These guys are usually “bulking” and have been bulking for the past 3 years or so. These guys think they are the best and biggest bodybuilders in their gym and look down upon ripped 185lbs guys. But the funny thing is that their size and strenght is often times nothing impressive and they could have easily gotten those results without becoming fat.


The show off who looks like shit

The guy who can curl the 70lbs dumbbells for 10 reps by swinging his back like a retarded dolphin. He may even approach you and ask you : “How much can you bench?”  Your answer: ” I think about 350lbs” He than replies ” I have Benched 400 lbs for 3 reps” These guys are usually insecure and are trying to find everything they can to be better than you.

pooping 4

The Crossfitter doing a WOD in a commercial gym

If you see this ever happening we would suggest calling the gym police and get them escorted out.

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    Aria Stock Loc

    I wonder how much of a self-absorbed douche you have to be to write articles like this. You basically listed everyone in the gym.

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      True, I think i’m The average guy who lifts like a p*ssy unfortunately 😛
      I don’t think the writer is a douche, he just makes you realise that what you are doing, you are doing wrong and I like wake up call-articles like that 😛

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    Or the asshole that thinks he knows more, looks better and is the expert at the gym. You know the one…the douchebag that shames people like ‘fat moms’ or the guy that lost weight but still ‘looks like shit’. Never mind that those same people are in the gym trying, instead of obviously standing around with their thumb up their ass judging people. Before you write another shit piece like this again, learn how to spell.

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