The Number One Fear Of All Lifters

The Number One Fear Of All Lifters

Lifters worldwide fear this thing to happen to them.

You probably thought this was going to be an article about screwed up shoulders or a broken leg.

That’s actually not what we are going to talk about.

Even though you have a broken leg or your shoulders are whack, you are still able to train and build muscle.

It might be a huge set back but you can definitely make some improvements.

On the other hand if you are missing this one thing we are about to discuss you will have a hard time making progress.

The number one fear of all lifters is:  getting low testosterone production.

You are probably thinking “why would I be worried about that?” or “what the hell is testosterone?”

Testosterone is a hormone naturally produced in our bodies.

This hormone is responsible for

  • muscle growth
  • sex drive
  • strength
  • confidence
  • and prevents you from storing too much fat.

You literally cannot build muscle without testosterone.

With higher levels of testosterone you can build more muscle.

On the other hand if you have low levels of testosterone you are screwed when it comes down to muscle building.

Those with low levels of testosterone will have an extremely hard time building muscle mass and will get fat easily.

The sad thing is that many guys are experiencing these symptoms.

We don’t know how all the processed and artificial foods we eat on a regular basis affect our testosterone production.

One thing is for sure, many guys are dealing with the problems of low testosterone.

It’s not their fault.

Genetics play a huge role in testosterone production and some guys simply don’t have the best genetics.

The Number One Fear Of All Lifters

This is definitely one of the reasons why so many guys turn to steroids.

That is however a short term solution that comes with devastating side effects.

Once they stop the steroid use they lose their muscle mass and might have gotten other side effects such as:

  • Gyno (bitch tits)
  • extreme back acne
  • losing their sex drive
  • losing the ability to produce testosterone
  • and in some cases some organ damage.

Unless you have a expert and a doctor that monitors your health on a weekly basis, steroids can definitely be harmful.

That’s why we would not recommend them.

You can succeed without them!

If you are one of those unlucky guys with low testosterone levels and wondering “what the hell can I do then?”

Fortunately there are a lot of things you can do to improve your condition.

You can get your testosterone levels checked out at the doctors office and see if they really are low.

If they are low there are natural and safe ways you can improve your t levels.

Make sure you are taking in vitamin-D, eating enough of healthy fats, lose weight if you are too fat, exercising on a regular basis, keep your diet clean and sleep enough.

One of the most effective ways to increase natural testosterone production is taking in a testosterone boosting supplement.

Some of these supplement contain scientifically proven ingredients that boost natural testosterone production.

You will see changes within a few weeks.

You will be able to build more muscle mass, it will be easier to lose fat and you will be more energised.

We’ve actually made a guide on the best testosterone boosting supplements which you can check out here.

This is not a problem that will go away magically you have to do the right things to improve your testosterone levels.

Often times the tips we mentioned above will give you a dramatic increase in natural testosterone levels.

If however for some strange reason these tips don’t work for you, it might be necessary to go see a doctor.


Hope you guys learned something from this article and definitely do not ignore testosterone levels.

Testosterone is the most important factor when it comes down to muscle building.

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