The Mountain Describes What It's Like Being Punched by UFC Star Conor McGregor

The Mountain Describes What It’s Like Being Punched by UFC Star Conor McGregor

Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, Europe’s strongest man and runner up for the world’s strongest man. Is probably most famous for his skull crushing role as The Mountain in the famous TV series, Game of Thrones.

He was recently interviewed by GQ magazine and one of the questions he was asked was, what it was like being punched by Conor McGregor

When asked about the strength of McGregor’s striking ability, Hafthór jokingly replied:

He was trying to punch me. I didn’t feel anything.

He believes he won it. He does not know that I was taking it easy on him because he has a fight and I didn’t want to break him before the fight. He’s worked too much, so I didn’t want to break him.

The Mountain sparring with current UFC champion Conor McGregor

Here’s a video from the GQ channel:

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