The Most Simple 5-Step Weight Loss Guide Ever To Get Shredded

The Most Simple 5-Step Weight Loss Guide Ever To Get Shredded

At some point on our journey we need to lose weight.

Whether you just finished your bulk or are simply too fat.

My name is James and I work here at BroScience.

I have done a few dirty bulks.

At one point I was 211 pounds and shredded down to 185 while keeping my strength and muscle.

So I’ve gone through this process many times.

I am going to share with you what I use to get shredded.

As I write this I am actually drinking a glass of water preparing for an arm workout.


1. Lifting

If you want a hard body shredded you need to lift weights.

Of course you don’t need to lift if you want to lose weight.

But you might end up skinny fat without any definition.

What I’ve done is I actually try to crush my PR’s when cutting.

That way I won’t lose my strength and keep my muscles.

I recommend going heavy for 5-10 reps focusing on compound movements.

Deadlifts, squats, bench press.


If you are anything like me you hate cardio.

A great way to get the cardio in is doing 20 minutes of cardio after your lifting session.

I use HIIT training.

Spring for 1 minute and then walk for 1 minute repeat 10 times.

This will get your heart rate up and you will pretty much be burning calories all day long.

I’ve found that this amount of cardio is enough to lose weight faster, at least for me.

3. Diet

When losing weight one method has been superior to all others.

That is keeping the protein intake high, eating a lot of green leafy vegetables and limiting carbohydrate intake.

Eliminating sugar, flour and excess salt intake in your diet.

Sounds simple but works like magic.

Just make sure you are eating enough and don’t get too hungry.

We here at BroScience can actually do a customized meal plan and give you a workout guide for you if you don’t know how to do it.

4. Water

Drinking a lot of water is crucial.

Just sip water throughout the day aim for at least 1-2 gallons.

This will eliminate water retention in your body and you will look better because you will hold less water.

Just make sure you are not drinking sugary drinks like fruit juice or soda.

Set a goal of drinking only water and nothing else.

5. Supplements

I like having a high whey protein isolate supplement when cutting.

That’s an easy way to up the protein intake.

Definitely not necessary but makes things easier.

I’ve tried cutting without a fat burner and I got shredded and I’ve tried using a fat burner.

What I found out that I was quicker to lose weight when I used a fat burner.

It increases your energy levels, eliminates hunger cravings and supercharges your metabolism.

You definitely don’t need it to lose weight but it makes things a lot easier, at least for me.

Check out the best 3 fat burners on the market if you are interested in trying it out.

So there you have it.

Remember consistency is key don’t beat yourself down even though you have been dieting for several days with little results.

It can take a lot of time losing weight but at the end it’s definitely worth it.

Just imagine feeling your ripped six pack abs under your shirt, the greatest feeling ever.

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