The Most Common Mistakes People Make When Trying To Build Muscle

The Most Common Mistakes People Make When Trying To Build Muscle

When we strive to build up muscular physiques often times we make mistakes in regards of doing it the proper way especially in the beginning. We have talked to bodybuilders, athletes and trainers and they shared with us the most common mistakes they witness in regards to trying to build up solid muscle base.

Ronnie Coleman Bodybuilder flexing muscle

Not eating enough

Well this is the most obvious one, how are you going to gain weight if your body doesn’t get the energy it needs to build muscle? We have all seen them, guys trying to build up muscle while eating 1600 calories per day.  As Ronnie Coleman once said “If you don’t eat a fair amount of good food you are not going to get big, you gotta eat big to get big”.

Beginner dirty bulk

I have nothing against dirty bulks, I have even done it and it worked fine but to be honest I will probably not do it again. If you are a beginner and think that the best option for you is to eat big amounts of shit food because you are “dirty bulking” I am sorry to tell you it’s probably not a good idea. Beginners will gain muscle without the need of dirty bulks, it’s called “Noob gains”. If you are a beginner and decide to do a dirty bulk just remember that you will have to work extremely hard to shed the fat off later and you will probably shed of some hard earned muscles to.

Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilder training squats

Skipping Squats and Deadlifts

Probably the most effective exercises to gain muscles and get strong are squats and deadlifts. If you are a bodybuilder striving to add some size to your frame squats and deadlifts are defnitely a must. Learn the technique, master it, lift heavy ass weights and get gains.

Too much cardio

Let’s say that your goal is to look like Steve Cook the fitness model. But every day you go to the gym and do 1 hour of cardio and weightlifting for 20 minutes. We have all seen the cardio bunnies in the gym, cardio is actually great as an addition to a good routine but you should definitely NOT use it as your main weapon to build up the dream physique.

Taking all the supplements but having a shit diet

When building muscles supplements can be a good addition to a solid diet. But we have all seen beginners that go into GNC and buy supplements for $500 then the only thing they eat during the day are “MASS GAINER” shakes and whey protein. Don’t think that you are going to become a ripped monster bodybuilder by drinking 6 shakes per day while your diet sucks, the only gains you will have are diarrhea.

Doing Crossfit

Needs not further explanation.

Doing random things in the gym

If you don’t know what you are training and doing random things in the gym every time, you should probably do a little more research before entering the gym. Of course random workouts can be good sometimes, but nothing beats a solid routine with proper recovery time between training each body part.

Training like a bit*h

No matter what exercises you are doing, if you train like a bi*ch you will look like one. The most successful people in the gym are those who push it to the limit, have headaches after heavy leg days, almost vomit during gruelling squats. If you have not experienced any of this you are probably not pushing yourself to the limit.

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  1. Avatar
    Aria Stock Loc

    I made the mistake of training hard and not eating enough when I first started. Now my CNS is fucked up and I can’t train as hard but I eat 2k calories a day. How unfair.

      1. Avatar
        Donetalo Villa

        LOLLLL!!!! who tf lied to you about that ^ most pp.’s maintenance is at 2-2.6 except if you’re black

          1. Avatar

            I’ve only been training two years and my maintenance is hovering around 3k, so I’d have to better than to put weight on, it’s surprising how quickly your maintenance rises IF you train properly

        1. Avatar
          Dries Devriendt

          Normal people yes. But this is a thread about building muscle. When working out and trying to gain, you will need more then 3k. And being black has nothing to do with this. You make a fool of yourself.

      2. Avatar

        Yeah, I’ve heard. I’m aiming for a clean bulk, though. Can’t have that extra weight or it’ll slow me down at work.

        1. Avatar
          Matthew Cheesman

          Thats what I used to think but honestly there are lots out there… Eggs, Peanut butter, Cheap offcuts of meat, Minced meat, Beans, Bread, Milk. Rice, Pasta and of course ice cream!

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