The Difference In Muscle Gains By A Steroid User VS Natural bodybuilder

The Difference In Muscle Gains By A Steroid User VS Natural bodybuilder

We’ve all seen them.

Guys starting out in the gym way smaller than us, we are stronger, bigger, leaner and all around better.

That’s all good we all start somewhere.

But all of the sudden in a as little as 1-3 months these guys make fast gains you could only dream of.

After about a year or two these guys are similar in size and strength levels as you,  even though you have a decent physique and trained for 5 years consistent.

I’ve been training in the gym lifting weights for about 10 years natural getting those slow but steady gains over the years.

I know many guys that take steroids and train in the same gym as I do.

I am Charlie one of the guys working at BroScience.

In this article I am discussing the difference in muscle gains by natural bodybuilders vs steroid users.

This comes all from my experience knowing several steroid users and natural bodybuilders.

The Difference In Muscle Gains By A Steroid User VS Natural bodybuilder

Steroid gains

To be clear on one thing.

Many of these steroid users never get any impressive gains.

I don’t know if it’s their cycle, diet or training method to blame.

I am talking about the guys with zero gym experience that jump on the juice before their first workout.

These guys normally last for a year or less in the gym getting little results.

Than they stop using the drugs and get weaker and fatter than they were when they started out.

I’ve seen this too many times to count.

Then there’s the guys who know how to train and diet.

If they start using they will get some pretty good results and probably get a better physique than most guys in the gym.

Might even compete in 1 or 2 bodybuilding shows and do alright.

What I’ve seen with many of these guys is when they lay off the juice they lose all motivation to train.

They basically quit lifting.

Because when you use steroids and stop using for some time you will lose gains even though you train hard.

I’ve known a few bodybuilders who simply got depressed after their steroid cycle and quit the gym.

Some of these guys haven’t been in the gym for years and do not plan on going back.

Then there is the steroid junkies as I like to call them.

These guys are on some kind of a steroid cycle all year around and almost never take a break from them.

The gym is their life, these guys are definitely the biggest guys in any gym.

They simply won’t take a break from steroids or at least not for a long time.

What I am talking about here are the 1% of the biggest guys in any gym.

More muscle does not equal more happiness or fulfillment in life.

I’ve spoken with many steroid users and they all tell me the same thing.

They are not happier in their life even though their body is incredible.

That’s what a guys think will happen when they take steroids.

Thinking that their life will be better and they can finally be happy.

It’s never what happens.

They many times get depressed, especially when they stop taking the stuff.

So you will definitely get faster muscle gains by taking steroids, way faster.

But is it worth it?

Most bodybuilders that I’ve spoken with and took steroids told me it’s not.

The Difference In Muscle Gains By A Steroid User VS Natural bodybuilder

Natural Gains

Natural bodybuilders will make some pretty fast gains the first 2-3 years training.

If they are following a solid meal plan ,lifting right and are consistent.

After that the muscle gains become slower.

It becomes harder and harder to improve.

Even though they are improving it takes more time.

After 2-3 years of solid training and dieting natural bodybuilders will get an impressive physique.

Definitely a physique worthy of notice.

I’ve found that natural bodybuilders last longer in the iron game.

They have done the hard work of building muscle without taking shortcuts.

Their gains are slow but steady.

Even though they stop training for a few weeks their gains will come back quickly as soon as they start lifting again.

This has been the case for me and I’ve been a natural bodybuilder for almost 10 years.

I would say it’s way more reliable and safe.

Even though my gains are slow I see a lot of difference in my physique now and a few years back.

I am way more muscular and stronger.

So you can definitely make some pretty good gains as a natural bodybuilder

Steroid users often times think I am using steroids so I guess I am doing alright.

Asking me questions like “what cycle are you on?”

Me: “I don’t take steroids”

Steroid user: “Just tell me, I am using, I know you are too, don’t be afraid to admit it, I don’t care.”

Me:” I don’t what to say, I am not using and that’s the truth”

Steroid users: “yea right” and walks off

Steroids are like using cheats in a video game it might be fun for a while but in the long term it simply becomes boring.

If you are wondering if you should use steroids or stay natural I can give you my insight:

I’ve been a natural bodybuilder for almost 10 years I still enjoy training and I am always trying out some new programs and diets.

It never gets boring for me.

I don’t know how it is taking steroids.

But I know guys that have and most of them do not recommend it. Absolutely not.

Because I’ve been tempted like everyone else but from what I’ve heard it’s not worth it.

The Difference In Muscle Gains By A Steroid User VS Natural bodybuilder

Steroid User vs Natural Lifter: No Contest

Hopefully at this point you know that the average guy taking steroids will make much better gains than the guy going natty.

However what is a bit unclear is just HOW MUCH MORE muscle the steroid user will build.

There are actually a number of studies that examine the effects of steroid use on training however there is one in particularly that shed the most light on the topic.

This particularly study took 40 average adult men in terms of weight and training experience and split them into four groups.

The first group did no training but received weekly testosterone injections.

The second group did no training and received no testosterone injections.

The third group did resistance training but received no testosterone injections.

Finally, the fourth group trained and received testosterone injections.

All other factors such as sleep, diet and activity level were kept even across all groups.

The two groups that were doing resistance training followed the same routine.

Therefore, the only difference between any of these groups was whether or not they were training and/or receiving testosterone injections.

So what were the results of the study?

The group that did not lift and did not take injections experienced no changes.

The group that did not lift but received injections built 8 pounds of muscle on average.

Thats right – despite not even lifting a weight they were able to build a significant amount of muscle just from injections.

The group that lifted but did not receive injections built 4 pounds of muscle.

Finally, the group that lifted and received injections built 14 pounds of muscle on average.

What We Learned From the Study

First of all if you are not lifting weights and not taking drugs you will not see any results.

That should be obvious given the physique of the average guy you see these days.

However, the really interesting part of the study is the group that received injections but did not lift.

These guys built more muscle on average than the guys who lift naturally.

This is because their testosterone levels were so much higher that their bodies naturally compensated by building more muscle.

Finally, the group that received injections and lifted saw massive gains – 3 times as much as the group that lifted naturally.

Now keep in mind this is over a 10 week cycle.

You can imagine how several years of training this way would put the steroid group way ahead of the natural lifter.

Now you probably knew that steroid use makes gains come a lot quicker but did you know that it actually made THAT much difference?

In fact, even the guys who don’t lift but take injections can get better results compared to a natural lifter – frustrating, isn’t it?

Setting Your Expectations

It’s worth mentioning that we aren’t saying you can take steroids, not train and still get huge.

Steroid users still need to work hard and eat a lot of food in order to build all that mass.

However, what we can say for certain is that if all other factors are equal the group that takes steroids will see much better results.

Additionally, even if you aren’t training you can still see improvements in your physique by taking steroids.

At this point you probably think the goal of this article is to get you guys cycling.

We can assure you this is not true (we don’t take steroids ourselves).

The problem is that people take training programs and diet tips from guys who are on steroids and expect the same results.

The truth is that guys who are taking steroids are on a different playing field and so we can’t expect to have the same results as them.

Study Shows The Difference In Muscle Gains From Steroid Users VS Natural Guys

False Claims

Chances are you’ve seen a lot of supplement and training program ads recently that featured guys who were definitely not natural.

These guys claim to use the supplement (whether or not that is true is a mystery) and sometimes even show up in before/after pictures.

However, what they don’t tell you is that these guys were using steroids the entire time along with whatever supplement it is that they are sponsoring.

People see these ads and think to themselves “Holy shit, look how much progress this guy made in such a short time?

That product is definitely worth the price”. So they run out to their nearest supplement store, but it and start taking it right away.

The problem is that they don’t do anything to change their diet, routine or overall lifestyle.

They think that taking that one product will be the catalyst for a dramatic change in their body composition.

So what really ends up happening is that they don’t get any results at all.

The fact is that unless you are doing the exact same training routine as that guy, taking the same drugs, eating the same foods and have the same genetics you won’t get those kinds of gains.

Unfortunately this is just the way the supplement industry works – make it seem as though this product will do all the work for you and they have figured out all the tricks to fool people.

This is why people waste so much money each year on mediocre supplements!

Increasing testosterone while staying natural

The closest thing to being on steroids while still staying natural is a natural test booster like these top 5.

Do you want to increase testosterone while staying natural?

I have always been a big fan of increasing my testosterone levels while staying natural.

I am going to reveal some of the tactics I’ve used and researched to get higher testosterone levels.

Consuming plenty of dietary fats has positive effects on testosterone production.

This is something you should be aware of, simply increase your dietary fat intake and get more testosterone.

Heavy lifting increases testosterone, when you are doing heavy squats or deadlifts your testosterone levels increase.

So focus your workouts more on demanding compound exercises like squats or deadlifts.

Eliminating sugar from your diet has positive effects on testosterone.

Basically sugar has bad effects on testosterone levels so try to stay away from sugars.

Not being too fat, if you are fat you produce less testosterone.

So try to lose these extra pounds of fat to get more testosterone.

Testosterone boosting ingredients.

There’s ton of research available on ingredients that boost testosterone levels.

These ingredients are too many to count.

What I’ve found out by using a product like that is that I get a higher sex drive and a way harder erections than usually.

We’ve actually made a guide on the best testosterone boosting supplements in the world, which you can access by clicking this link.

Definitely give it a shot and see if you like it if you’ve never tried it before.

So these are the tactics I use, something else might work for you, but this definitely keeps my testosterone levels as high as possible.

hope this article was informative or enjoyable if you read this far.

Now go to the gym and make some gains!

Take care and see you soon,



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