Secret Diet Trick Fitness Models Use Before a Photoshoot To Look Shredded

Secret Diet Trick Fitness Models Use Before a Photoshoot To Look Shredded

If you’ve managed to get shredded enough to show off those six pack abs then congratulations – you’ve accomplished something most guys can only dream of.

Having said that, you’ve probably looked at those fitness magazine cover models and thought

“How the hell does he get so cut?”

While they definitely have their diets and training routines perfected, they also use a clever technique that really gets them looking their best – they cycle carbs.

If you’ve never heard of carb cycling it’s pretty simple – you change the level of carb consumption throughout the week.

So you are probably wondering why that helps you get cut.

Carb cycling helps you lose fat by keeping your leptin levels high.

This hormone signals to your brain that you have had enough to eat and it is safe to burn fat as the likelihood of starving is low.

Secret Diet Trick Fitness Models Use Before a Photoshoot To Look Shredded

Dieting and Calories

Most guys restrict their calories quite a bit when dieting.

This works at first as they start to melt away the fat.

However, after a while their leptin levels start to drop which signals to the body to stop burning fat as you might be starving!

As a result, the diet stalls and the trainee compensates by eating even fewer calories which results in the body burning off muscle as it does not get the required daily nutrients.

So how do pro bodybuilders get around this?

They fool their bodies into boosting leptin levels by cycling carbs.

They will spend the first four days of the week on the usual low-car diet.

Then, they will ramp up the carbs on days five and six.

This signals to their body that food is plentiful, thereby boosting leptin levels and tricking their body into continuing to burn that fat at a fast rate.

Lose Unwanted Body Fat & Water Instantly

Do you want to drop all your excess body fat and water quickly without using an unhealthy trick?

If you are anything like me you want the quickest results possible.

In order for you to get the quickest results you have to do the things that give you those results.

So you might be asking how can I get the absolute best fat loss results as quick as possible?

Of course you, I and pretty much everyone knows that diet and training is key.

What a lot of people trying to lose weight don’t know that a high metabolism is the key to fat loss.

Yeah that’s right, your metabolism is pretty much the thing that burns of your fat.

Kinda like a fat loss machine inside of your body.

Is your metabolism working at 50% or 70%?

So in order to make the most out of your fat loss you have to keep this fat loss machine working at a 100% .

It’s like having a 300 horsepower car but only using 200 horse power, doesn’t make any sense.

In order to supercharge your metabolism(fat loss machine) you can take ingredients that make it work 100%.

That’s were fat burners step in.

They are especially designed to turbocharge your metabolism so it will work better.

The results?

You will burn off more calories and lose fat much quicker.

So to truly take advantage of this include a high quality fat burner into your diet.

See the best fat burners on the market by clicking here.

Increasing Water Intake

You might be asking: “If I drink more water, my body will hold more water right?”


As a result of higher water intake your body will do everything it can to flush out the extra water it is holding.

So what does that mean?

It means after a few days of crazy water drinking your body will flush out water because it is getting so much of it.

The trick is simple.

Drink a ton of water for a few days.

Then suddenly you severely decrease your water intake.

What happens?

Your will trick your body into flushing out tons of water out of your body.

As a result you won’t be holding any water and will look much more shredded.

This tactic is something that fitness models use before photo shoots.

Be careful when attempting this, this could result in dehydration if you do it incorrectly.

Carb Cycling Recap

Keep in mind that everyone is different so you will need to adjust your intake accordingly.

Having said that, here is a quick recap on how to carb cycle: eat your usual calorie-restricted diet for 4 days of the week.

Then for days five and six allocate more of your daily calories to carbs. This will require some trial and error on your part to figure out the ideal mix for you.

After those two days return to your usual low-calorie diet.

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