The 4 Craziest Chest Exercises That Are Actually Extremely Effective

The 4 Craziest Chest Exercises That Are Actually Extremely Effective

I’m sure that one of your training goals is to pack on muscle. Not to mention on your chest muscles. Because after all, that is one of the main muscles that girls notice on men.

But why isn’t your chest as big as Arnold’s yet? Why?

Let me tell you why. You’re always doing the same exercises, month after month. You’re always in your comfort zone and you can’t be afraid of new challenges, you can’t be afraid of stepping outside your comfort zone to make more gains.

So, this article is dedicated to get you out of your comfort zone by doing crazy but extremely effective exercises.

1. Alternating one-arm dumbbell flat bench press

This simple shift will have your chest muscles working overtime. Trust me on that one.

So, basically, lie down on the bench with a dumbbell in each arm pressed in the top position. Now proceed to lower ONE of the dumbbells to bottom position and back up (complete a full rep for one arm), then proceed to do the same with your other arm.

2. Svend press 

Probably the most unique one on this list. This will target your inner pecs like crazy.

Hold manageable plates with your palms, your elbows out and your fingers pointing forward. Contract your pecs and press straightforward. Focus and keep tension in your chest the whole time.

3. Reverse grip incline bench barbell press

The name basically explains itself. Go to the incline bench press, lie down like you normally would but instead of holding the barbell like you normally would take a reverse grip a little wider than shoulder width on the bar and have your partner help you steady the bar off the rack. (You need a lifting partner for this one, or just ask the fellow in the bench besides you to help you).

4. Standing two-arm landmine press

Your gym might or might not have this device. Request it if it isn’t. This device can be used for all kinds of exercises that can target your whole body. But we’re going to be using it to build a massive chest, more specifically the upper chest.

Stand facing a loaded landmine, grab the end of bar with both hands. Holding the end of the bar against your chest press the bar up and repeat. Remember to stay focused for the whole movement.

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