Testosterone Effects On Men: 12 Surprising Functions Of Testosterone

Testosterone Effects On Men – 12 Functions Of Testosterone

When you fully understand the testosterone effects on men, it can have a phenomenally positive effect on your life. I promise you that!

But before we get down to the serious detail, let me put something to you.

We are all looking for that secret ingredient to help improve our lives, right?

Guys like us hit the gym to make our body incredible. We watch the diet to keep off the pounds, take energy drinks to boost our vitality, and maybe even do some meditation or yoga to keep the brain in check too.

It’s hard work, yeah?

Not only that but we try and give that body a little bit of assistance as much as we can. This could be increasing protein intake or knocking back the vitamins. But it never seems to be enough, does it?

I know you agree.

Well guys, there is a simple answer. It’s testosterone.

Understanding the testosterone effects on men, and indeed taking control of them, can solve many of our lifestyle headaches. This hormone is essential for muscle mass, libido, fat loss and energy levels. Since T-levels drop after the age of 20 years, the sooner you address it the better!

Listen to this.

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Broscience Testosterone Effects on Men bar

Guys who have seized control of their testosterone have seen their gym results hit whole new levels. They are getting jacked faster than they ever thought possible. Strength has increased to hulk like proportions and they have become a machine in the bedroom.

Here’s the deal.

In this testosterone effects on men article, I will give you all the information you need to understand the testosterone effects on men. I’ll explain what it is, the differences between high and low testosterone, possible issues and how to take control!

Let’s get down to it!

Testosterone Effects on Men

Let me tell you something.

The effects that testosterone hormone function has on the body are huge. Its scope is so wide that it has a profound impact on many different aspects of male physiology.

It my opinion, it is probably the most important factor to address in overall male health.


Here’s the testosterone meaning – this chemical, produced in the testicles and adrenal glands is first and foremost the male sex hormone. Not only did it make your awesome package grow in the first place, it’s also responsible for sex drive, erections and fertility. 1 2 3

But it’s not all about the bedroom.

Testosterone is responsible for an incredible array of body processes. It includes muscle gain, energy, fat loss, mood, confidence, strength, stamina and much more. The list goes on.

Broscience Testosterone Effects on Men levels

This is simply why being in control of testosterone is essential. As we age, our T-levels drop, which means all of the above factors are affected, and usually negatively.4

Hence, many guys have taken steps to boost their testosterone levels.

Here’s the truth.

Bodybuilders have understood for years the amazing power of testosterone to make fast and impressive muscle gains, supercharge their strength and improve their sex-drive.

Their solution was to inject anabolic steroids direct into the system (or use testosterone pills) to rocket their power and muscle mass. Even as early as the 1940’s synthetic testosterone was being used in this manner. The popular steroid Sustanon is still widely used today.5

But there is an issue.

Broscience Testosterone Effects on Men steroids

As effective as injectable testosterone is, it comes with some rather unpleasant side effects.

Overloading the body in this way with unnatural hits of the hormone has been shown to:

  • Reduce size of testicles
  • Enlarge the prostate
  • Lead to disturbed sleep patterns
  • Increase acne and oily skin

Testosterone injections are one of the main high testosterone causes.

What’s more, in some cases the body comes to rely on this source of testosterone, at the expense of reducing its own production.

If the testosterone injections are stopped, the body is producing less testosterone than before the course of treatment started!

But get this.

There are natural alternatives for boosting testosterone that do not have these damaging effects. We will look at those later in this testosterone effects on men article.

But first, let’s investigate the differences between high and low testosterone.

Low Vs High Levels of Testosterone

testosterone effects on men

When you were in the throes of puberty, you had absolutely loads of testosterone. Probably around 1200 ng/dl (nanograms/decilitre) running through those veins.

As soon as you hit 20 years old it started to drop. In general terms, for an adult male, testosterone levels are considered high if they are above 600 ng/dl and conversely low if they are below 400 ng/dl.

The fact.

The difference in daily function between guys with low and high levels of testosterone is incredible.

Think of it like this.

Having low testosterone is similar to filling your automobile with the cheapest and lowest octane gasoline available. It’s sluggish, unresponsive, misfires and lacks power.


Having high T-levels is akin to giving your automobile a nitro boost! It’s powerful, explosive and runs at the top of its game.

As testosterone drops off with age, most guys will find that their testosterone levels are not as high as they could be. This can affect every aspect of their life from energy, mood, libido and muscle building.

Let’s take an in depth look at the main testosterone effects on men, and see how having high or low T-levels impact its function.

12 Testosterone Effects on Men

1. Bone Density

Broscience Testosterone Effects on Men skeleton

We all know that as we age, those bones become weaker. Remember how during your childhood you could fall off your bicycle, then just dust yourself down and climb straight back on again?

Fall off your bike now and chances are something will break!

Testosterone is responsible for ensuring healthy bones. Guys with high T-levels have strong, dense bone mass. Those with low testosterone levels are much weaker, liable to fracture or break easily and ache after serious exercise.6

2. Erection Quality

That amazing member between your legs stands proud when it fills with blood. I’m sure right now it’s not particularly stimulated, but look at a hot woman and hopefully it will react!

Testosterone is not only there for the desire, but also enables that erection to work. By stimulating the production of nitric oxide, the blood vessels dilate and allow your penis to rise majestically to the occasion.

Here’s the important detail.

Guys with high testosterone produce more nitric oxide (which is responsible for opening up those blood vessels). Their erections are hard, firm and long lasting. But with men lacking in testosterone, in the best case scenario it is semi-rigid, and may dissipate quickly. In serious cases it may not work at all.7

3. Body Fat

Broscience Testosterone Effects on Men fat

Testosterone regulates fat storage and breakdown. Men with high levels of testosterone find that fat drops easily through watching the diet and exercising.

Get this.

Unfortunately when T-levels are low, guys experience weight gain, especially around the belly area. Equally, once there, low levels of testosterone prevent lipolysis (fat breakdown). Hence the stubborn belly fat will not shift!

4. Libido

As a teenager you had loads of testosterone, and were as horny as a rabbit!


Testosterone is the main driving force behind libido. Guys with high T-levels are ready for bedroom action all hours of the day. Low testosterone means you would rather play video games or watch the football.8

That’s not good for you or your partner!

5. Energy

A healthy diet and exercising regularly all contribute to energy levels. But testosterone drives the brain function which provides the feeling of being energized.

High levels of testosterone makes guys feel awake, stimulated and ready for anything – whether work, the gym or the bedroom.

Low T-levels means lethargy and weakness, with no drive to exercise or seize life by the horns.

6. Fertility

If you are planning on having kids, testosterone is essential. This hormone increases sperm count, semen volume and the fertility of that sperm.9

The bottom line.

High testosterone means fertile sperm and a good chance of having a baby, low testosterone means you could be fighting a losing battle!

7. Increased Muscle Building Potential

Broscience Testosterone Effects on Men muscle mass

Testosterone is the fuel behind muscle building.


As muscles rebuild and repair through protein synthesis, testosterone powers this process leading to muscle gains. The more testosterone, the faster and stronger muscles build.10

The high testosterone effects on men in building muscle are incredible.

They pile on muscle easily, getting the best results from their workouts. Low testosterone makes it extremely difficult to build any muscle at all.

The scary bit.

In serious cases, very low levels can actually put muscle into a catabolic state – it actually breaks down and muscle mass is lost.

8. Increased Confidence

Confidence may seem a surprising testosterone effects on men, but it’s true.

Testosterone raises serotonin levels, which promotes a feeling of well-being, energy and confidence.

Guys with high levels of testosterone find their serotonin rockets and they are ready to take on the world.

What’s more, as I have mentioned earlier in this testosterone effects on men article, their muscle mass increases and they have the libido of a beast. Why not feel confident!


Low levels of testosterone means lethargy, depression and lack of confidence.

9. Faster Recovery

With the energy and muscle building properties of testosterone, guys who are dedicated to working out need this hormone for their recovery times.

Here’s the deal.

The higher the T-levels, the faster the muscles rebuild, stamina is raised and guys are able to hit the weights again sooner.

Low levels of testosterone means muscles do not repair fast after resistance training, leading to unimpressive results.

10. Mood and Behavior Changes

Testosterone effects on behaviour can be quite serious.

We have already seen in this testosterone effects on men article that testosterone effects the production of serotonin.

But lack of serotonin can cause issues.

This is worrying.

Testosterone deficency means little serotonin production and therefore lethargy. This can lead to feelings of depression.

It has been proved that depression then reduces testosterone levels even further. It’s a terrible cycle! 11

High levels of testosterone leaves guys feeling energized and ready to hit life hard!

11. More Strength

Broscience Testosterone Effects on Men strength

Testosterone is one of the main factors behind strength. High levels of testosterone means you can hit the weights hard and knock out those extra reps!

Low testosterone makes it difficult to power through any sets at all! Lifting the heavy iron is just a pipe dream.

12. Femininity

I’m guessing you don’t want to look like a girl.

Guys have both testosterone and the female hormone estrogen in their bodies. In effect, testosterone keeps estrogen under control and prevents it from taking hold.

High testosterone means this hormone is the boss! You are all man! But low testosterone can lead to issues.

Let me explain.

If T-levels drop, the testosterone/estrogen balance is disturbed and estrogen can take control. This means that guys with low testosterone levels can start developing female traits of belly fat and man-boobs! (gynecomastia).12

How to Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels

Broscience Testosterone Effects on Men supplements

We have seen the incredible number of testosterone effects on men.

One thing is clear.

We want high testosterone, not low!

Getting those T-levels raised is not difficult. But remember, there is no need to go down the dangerous route of steroid injections.

You can do it all naturally!

First, there are a few lifestyle methods that can kick-start that testosterone into elevating:

  • Eat healthily – Consuming junk food can play havoc with those T-levels. Eat sensibly, avoid processed foods and the testosterone will build 13
  • Get plenty of sleep – We all like to party! But don’t overdo it. Quality sleep promotes efficient and healthy testosterone production 14
  • Exercise – Studies have shown that exercise, especially resistance training, can raise testosterone levels 15

Following these small but important rules will ensure that testosterone starts to build.

But there is an even better way to rocket that testosterone!

Testosterone boosters are the number one way to send T-levels through the roof.

Let me explain.

Testosterone boosters are natural supplements. Through proven scientific ingredients, they stimulate the body into creating more of this hormone.

Let me make something clear.

This is not a damaging testosterone injection. The supplements do not even include testosterone! All these supplements do is utilize your own body’s ability to create it. They literally ‘boost’ its production.

The best T-boosters on the market are proven, safe and side effect free.

But be careful.

For every decent testosterone booster on the market, there are many supplements that are either weak or ineffective.

Here’s my advice:

I did my research. Tried and tested HUNDREDS of test boosters.

It took me MONTHS!

After this time I was able to put together a FREE guide… here’s the link to it:

Go and click on the button above or the image to read it and check it out.

It’s clear to see that the testosterone effects on men need to be taken seriously. As our T-levels drop this has a serious impact on our day to day lives.

But if we seize control of our testosterone, and ensure it’s kept in check, we will see positive results, fast!

Follow the tips above to raise that testosterone and you will see for yourself. That’s a guarantee!


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