Testosterone and Muscle Growth - How Does It Work?

Testosterone and Muscle Growth – How Does It Work?

The connection between testosterone and muscle building is pretty much common knowledge at this point.

The proliferation of steroids in professional sports has only further reinforced this relationship – the more testosterone you have the more muscle you can add.

However, the scientific explanation for the connection is a bit of a mystery to most.

How exactly do the testosterone levels in the body lead to higher levels of muscle mass?

Without turning this into a science textbook complete with the nude pictures of the human body you used to giggle at when you were in middle school, this article aims to give you a little bit more background on how it all works.
testosterone and muscle growth boost recovery time

How Testosterone and Muscle Growth Is Linked Together

Androgens and Muscle Growth

Muscle growth occurs as a result of trauma to the muscle tissue during strenuous resistance exercise.

The body then goes in and repairs these muscles but adds additional strength and size through new muscle fibers to ensure that your body is better able to handle the stress next time.

This process is known as protein synthesis and the degree to which it is performed is regulated by hormones, like testosterone, known as growth factors.

This can be seen in your day-to-day training as a weight that was difficult to lift a year ago now becomes easy.

Testosterone is part of a group of hormones called androgens which handle directing both the growth and development of the male sexual traits throughout puberty.

Females, on the other hand, use a different set of hormones for this development.

Once men reach adulthood, androgens become responsible for traits like muscle mass, sex drive and aggressiveness.

How Testosterone and Muscle Growth Is Linked Together

Testosterone in particular is an important player in how pronounced these traits are.

Testosterone binds itself to the receptors on the muscle cells and sending strong signals to the brain that this muscle needs additional repair – in other words, it amplifies the protein synthesis process.

It also leads to more growth hormone being released into the body which like testosterone helps boost the protein synthesis process.

Since the process of protein synthesis is responsible both for recovery and muscle growth, this is why you will see that people taking steroids will be able to recover much faster from workouts.

Additionally, becomes they have so much more testosterone flowing through their system they are able to get more repair done since more of it is binding to the actual muscle cells.

Increasing your testosterone levels

Having higher testosterone levels in only going to make you more powerful, alpha, self confident and more appealing to women.

So it’s no secret why guys do everything to increase those levels.

You will have a great advantage if you supplement with the right ingredients that boost testosterone production, that will allow you to build new layers of muscle faster than before.

The right testosterone boosting ingredients will increase your natural testosterone production so you will have higher t-levels in your system. – See the top 3 testosterone boosters on the market here.

We are definitely NOT saying that you do not need to train hard and diet. Because you will definitely have to do that if your goal is to build muscle.

However what these supplements can do for you is give you higher t-levels that have incredible advantages like:

  • Testosterone decreases body fat
  • Testosterone increases muscle mass
  • Testosterone strengthens bones
  • Testosterone improves erections & increases libido

This is no secret and most guys that are serious about building muscle are now supplementing with these supplements  for higher testosterone levels. -See the Top 3 testosterone boosters recommended by supplement experts.


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