TestoFuel Review – My Results Exposed: “Does it work?”

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testofuel testosterone booster

Testofuel is ranked 3rd out of the top 10 testosterone boosters ; See complete list here


  • Contains most proven ingredients
  • High dosed formula
  • No proprietary blends


  • Missing Ashwagandha and Boron
  • Pricey product

TestoFuel is a natural testosterone boosting supplement that promises to deliver muscle and strength gains. That sounds really good, right? But does it really work? That is what you will find out in our complete TestoFuel review.

We analyzed the ingredients and found out how effective they really are.

We also found out if the dosage is high enough to make a difference.

testofuel review and results

TestoFuel was once considered the top testosterone booster on the market, that was years ago.

Fortunately, there have been other brands that have come up with more powerful formulas than Testofuel.

Still to this day, Testofuel is one of the top brands and it is designed to:

  • Increased Muscle Size – Recover faster, larger pumps
  • Enhanced Strength – Breakthrough Plateaus
  • Reduced Body Fat – Burn more fat around the torso
  • More Energy – Feel more motivated and workout for longer

But a lot of you bros have questions – so we decided to do a full TestoFuel review, highlighting everything you need to know. We’ve even put a FAQ at the bottom to answer any further questions you guys may have.

To learn more about TestoFuel, we reached out to the supplements creator, Roar Ambition, who kindly sent out 4 bottles of Testo Fuel, and a T-Shirt to help with our review.

While speaking to them, they told us that they are one of the only companies that updates their formulas regularly, using the latest research.

However, in recent years the formula hasn’t changed too much and other supplement manufacturers have “out formulated” them.

TestoFuel Review Overview – What I learned taking TestoFuel

After supplementing this stuff for 4 months, I learned the following:

  • Great Plateau Buster – Started lifting heavier and broke PRs
  • Less Soreness – DOMS were a lot milder, I could more
  • Muscle Density Improves – Gains felt harder and stronger
  • Intense Motivation – Serious ‘controlled aggression’, pushing myself through painful sets
  • Lower Body Fat – Started to get more triangular
  • Sex Drive Improves – Masculine confidence and increased erections

But also…

  • Be patient – I only noticed serious musculature changes around Month 2
  • 4 capsules a day can be a bitch – Make sure to set alarms and carry lots of water
  • Vegetarians and Shellfish Allergic beware – Contains Oyster Extract and uses gelatin caps

TestoFuel Results

I took TestoFuel for 4 months, here is my training log and results:

Month 1

Having already researched this supplement from the previous article, I was pretty excited to get started.

The first thing that took some discipline was adjusting to 4 doses a day. For the first few days it really felt like a chore, and I caught myself missing doses. However, I realized I could just slot them into the middle 4 of my 6 meals a day.

Luckily, after the first couple of weeks I got used to it – but it did take some time to become second nature.

Throughout Month 1, the only changes I noticed were my motivation levels. I’m not sure if this was placebo effect or not, but I wanted to constantly hit the gym and make the most out of this T-Booster.

Month 2

This is where things started to get interesting.

Shortly after starting my second bottle, I decided I’d put my progress to the test by checking my max deadlift at the gym. I’d been stuck on it for about 3 months – I needed to see if there were any changes.

After my warm up sets, I put on my usual max of 4 plates, but added and extra 5lbs on each side. It was shaky all the way, but I managed to keep good form and lock it out. TestoFuel appeared to be working.

Now 10lbs on a deadlift isn’t that much of an improvement, but if you were on a plateau for as long as I was – you’ll take any results you can get.

I also noticed that the morning after wasn’t as cripplingly painful compared to my usual post-deadlift days. My recovery seemed faster, and I felt I could train again that day – as long it wasn’t fucking deadlifts again.

And that was just the tip of the iceberg. Stoked with breaking a plateau, I started pushing myself harder and harder – to the point that I was training 6 days a week. I was starting to make real progress.

Month 3

By month 3 I felt like a different guy. My deadlift had upped another 10lbs, and both my bench and squat had improved by 25lbs. My body definitely had a stronger, thicker look. And it felt really good.

I was still training 6 days and week, and even found myself constantly changing up my routine for more of a burn. A bad case of DOMS was a rare occurrence, and definitely didn’t happen as much as it used to.

Most sessions I found myself using a lot of forced reps and aggression to deal with heavier weight – although explosive, I still managed to control it to ensure my form was still on point.

Outside of the gym I was experiencing serious blue balls every so often. Full disclosure; I was going to town on my girlfriend more often, and jacking it when alone. A lot of random boners needed to be dealt with.

Month 4

I knew this was the last month of having TestoFuel, so I wanted to make the most of it. I was training each muscle group twice a week, and still had the energy for my work and social life – while still making gains!

One thing in particular that I noticed more in month 4 was that my body fat was dropping. I was noticing serious leanness in my abs.

There were similar changes in my arms, back and chest as well. My muscles looked denser and sculpted. They felt a lot stronger pound for pound.

My motivation was through the roof and my sex life was getting pretty remarkable. Everything seemed to get better the longer I was took it.

TestoFuel Before and After

At the end of my 4 month TestoFuel review I managed to gain 30lbs on each of the 3 lifts – although I’m sure my intense training regime helped a lot.
And now…

Currently, I’m now off TestoFuel, but I’m planning to try more testosterone boosters in the future.

More TestoFuel testimonials:

I know I can be a little extreme when it comes to putting my mind to things, so I needed to make sure it wasn’t just me getting these types of benefits.

Luckily I found other videos of bros using the same supplement and getting similar results. Check it out:

^ This guy Pierre in particular made some serious gains. Look at his TestoFuel before and after photos:


Here’s one from one of our Facebook followers:

testofuel testimonial

See more customer videos and pics on their testimonials page https://www.testofuel.com/our-testimonials/

Pricing and Shipping


1 Month Supply: $65 / £39€55

1 Box

2 Month Supply: $130 ($69.00 each) / £78 (£39 each) / €110 (€55 each)

2 Boxes
+ Free Shipping in the USA and UK

Ultimate Muscle Gainer’s Package: $195 ($54.75 each) / £125 (£31.25 each) / €165 (€42.50 each)

3 Boxes
+ 1 Free Box
+ 2 eBooks (Nutrition and Workout Guides)
+ Free International Shipping


Fast shipping in the USA and UK. All orders are tracked and international orders take around  1 – 2 weeks to be delivered.


TestoFuel ingredients

We won’t explain them on this page as we’ve already covered most of them in detail on our Top Testosterone Boosters page.

Let’s see how many of the proven ingredients Testofuel contains:

  • ✓D-aspartic acid 
  • ✓Vitamin D-3
  • ✓Fenugreek
  • ✓Zinc
  • ✓Vitamin B6
  • ✓Magnesium
  • ✘Ashwagandha
  • ✓Ginseng 
  • ✘Boron

Testofuel contains most of the proven ingredients, unfortunately they haven’t updated their formula in a while and are still missing two vital ingredients.

Room for Improvement

Our main concern that we found out when completing this TestoFuel review is that it isn’t accessible to vegetarians, or those with shellfish allergies. The gelatin caps can be removed, with the powder taken separately – however, the Oyster Extract cannot be filtered out.

Testofuel doesn’t contain two very important ingredients; Ashwagandha and Boron.

And although this is a high-end product, there are available products with higher doses and more ingredients than Testofuel for similar prices.

Review Conclusion

So this concludes our TestoFuel review.

We can proudly say that TestoFuel is the real deal. As I’ve explained above, it’s a slow burner to get started – but after you’re past the first month your gains really start to show and there’s an uptake in recovery time.

It improved my strength, size, and motivation. Personally, my willpower and productivity went through the roof. I kept setting goals for myself in the gym and beating them – and I don’t think I could’ve done it without TestoFuel.

It contains a lot of clinically proven testosterone raising ingredients, each of which contains generous dosages, and has servings throughout the day to keep T-Levels elevated.

It may not be the absolute best, but it’s sure is among the best.


Q: There’s a lot of Vitamin D3 in TestoFuel, should I be worried when taking it?

A: The only dangerous doses of Vitamin D have been reported after supplementing 40,000 IU daily for several months – see article.

It contains 5,000 IU per daily serving, although it seems high – it is still a safe amount. Plus TestoFuel also has Vitamin K2 in that prevents any potential problems – see study.

Q: How long does it take to work?

A: If you’re low D, you’ll probably start feeling the effects rather quickly. As for the rest of the products, T-Levels take time to rise, around the 6-7 week mark we really began flying on this stuff. It’s recommended that you stick with it for 3 months (and they have a money-backguarantee if it doesn’t work out for you). Just make sure you’re working out and eating right, it’ll do the rest.

Q: Does TestoFuel suppress estrogen?

A: It does, but it’s more a secondary quality. Various compounds in the Oyster extract, Vitamin B6 and Fenugreek seed work towards suppressing estrogen. Increased estrogen isn’t much of a problem with natural testosterone boosters, it only becomes a problem with synthetic steroids and pro hormones which cause hormone imbalance side-effects.

Q: Will these give me ‘roid rage’?

A: Roid rage comes from guys who are packing more testosterone that they naturally should, far beyond any regular human limit. They also get the shriveled balls (Or a longer dick if you’re Rich Piana) as their testicles no longer produce testosterone. TestoFuel gets your T levels high, but within a healthy range. This won’t make you angry, but it will boost your confidence and give your sex drive a tune up.

Q: Do I need PCT after taking TestoFuel?

A: No post cycle therapy is required. Your body is not absorbing testosterone from the nutrients in TestoFuel but using the nutrients to produce more testosterone itself. Interestingly, we’ve found that a lot of guys use TestoFuel as a form of post-cycle therapy, as a safe option as the body begins reproducing testosterone.

Q: I’ve heard T-Boosters don’t work, why should I trust this one?

A: Well, T-Boosters have been given a bad rep over the years – but this is down to certain companies using unproven and ineffective ingredients and then marketing their products as very effective. This made them a lot of money but left the reputation of the supplement destroyed.

TestoFuel only uses proven, natural ingredients that are all chosen for their ability to boost testosterone. It will boost your T levels, but obviously not to the same extent as steroids.

Q: Will I fail a drugs test on TestoFuel?

A: Not at all. All of the ingredients are completely natural, whether it’s for the military, police or the Olympics, you won’t fail a drugs test.

Q: How to take TestoFuel for best results?

A: Take 4 tablets daily for a 4 months for the best results.

Q: Can I take TestoFuel with other supplements?

A: Yes, you can take TestoFuel with most supplements. We don’t recommend taking it with products that contain the same ingredients.

Q: Where to buy TestoFuel?

A: TestoFuel can NOT be bought from GNC or Amazon. It can ONLY be bought from their official website.

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17 thoughts on “TestoFuel Review – My Results Exposed: “Does it work?””

  1. So did you ever get tested to find out what your testosterone levels were before, during, and after using this supplement? If there is actually an all natural testosterone booster that has proven test results to raise test levels we’d already be on it, and that company would be a multi billion dollar company. Truth is most of this stuff is about as effective as snake oil.

  2. It’s great that you describe your experience with the product, BUT, did you have your level tested before and after to see if there was an actual increase in your testosterone?

  3. Can a women take this? Who wants to loose around 20 to 30lbs and tone up? I’m a girly girly! I like sports but don’t play any, I just want to loose and tone.

  4. So when using TestoFuel is it good to use it for 4 months straight, take a break and then come back to it? I am a female btw, just trying to get some gains

    • Hey Kelsea,

      It’s a natural test booster so you don’t have to cycle it like with synthetic steroids for example.

      But, yes I usually use it for 4 months and then take a break for 1 month just for good measure.

      Hope this helps! Now go and make some gains!

      – James

  5. I’ve been lifting for 2 months right now. I know what I’m doing pretty well but I he no experience with these types of supplements. I was planning on taking this and also creatine. My question is…do you think it’s too early to be taking this stuff?

    • Hey man,

      Good luck on your journey!

      Well, once you figure out how to properly diet and train with good form you will experience the “newbie gains”. Which is the period when you make a lot of gains for a short period of time until it becomes harder and harder to build muscle.

      To be honest, supplements don’t work if your diet and training doesn’t work.

      With that said…. It’s never too early (unless you’re younger than 18 yrs old) to add quality supplements to your diet. Creatine and TestoFuel can help you make gains faster, for sure!

      Take care,

  6. I ordered 4 boxes. I was really surprise that I had to pay 61$Can when I received my order after 1.5 month.

    First, there was nothing about extra fees on their page explaining international shipping conditions neither on the one were we are doing the order.

    Second, fees were charged on a value 65% more than what I paid in real with the exchange rate.

    I contacted costumer service in this regard, but they are arguing that it is not their responsibility even if they are the one that are giving the value.

    On top on it, after just a few days, I start having huge pimples, so I just stopped using it.

    I clearly don’t recommend to buy their products.

    • Hey Pierre,

      we’ve been told that there has been some kind of a strike in Canada? Perhaps that’s why your TestoFuel order was delayed?

      Really sorry you weren’t aware of customs fees, and really sorry you weren’t happy with their customer support.

      Well, the natural testosterone boosting ingredients can have different effects on some people. But at least you know for a fact that it was increasing your test production since that happened.

      Have you taken a look at our guide to Top 5 Testo Boosters? It’s here: https://broscience.com/best-testosterone-boosters/

      Take care,

  7. So I bought Testo Fuel back in October 2017 – BTW, Im a chick. I lift 6 days a week. For someone like me I’m skeeeeptical of everything. I call BS on all products because as a Female I’I want to bulk and everyone understands how much harder it is for us gals to get those muscles like a guy. So long story short- 3 weeks, I was like “I guess its doing something….” I mean I didnt feel different aside from an active libido. I’ll admit to that! lol. After Oh, around 5 weeks about 40 days my workouts at the gym were just getting what I thought was crazy! I mean I was shoulder pressing 200 lbs, swear to goodness. Anyway, I took it until end of Jan. and all I can say is wow, I cut a lot of fat I noticed! I mean when ppl keeping tell you “man you look cut, you look Great , Etc” Sorta goes to your head and I can only guess the testo fuel did it because all I know is I look way different than I did before November …. I started back on Testo in February and already I am like working out 5x harder, heavier and the cuts for this girl are noticeable A LOT AND thats what Im after. So all I can speak for is myself- Expensive, a bit- Got some headaches from it, I admit but aside from that I think it was worth it – Plus, your sex life is a lot better so thats worth the $80 , lol….I wish everyone the best if using this but I wanted to give my personal opinion on something that actually worked after buying cr*p that does nothing! Im a fan of this stuff. No complaints


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