Scary 1980s Bodybuilding Fashion

Scary 1980s Bodybuilding Fashion

If you have wondered what kind of clothes people wore in the gym in the 1980’s look no further. Here we have the most terrifying fashion images from the 80’s

Bodybuilders partying
bodybuilding fashion1

All pumped up but tell us how?

bodybuilding fashion2

This was definitely the hottest look back in the days

bodybuilding fashion3

The swole computer geek, rocking a cool look!

bodybuilding fashion4

Golds gym

The only thing missing on this pic is Arnold flexing his huge biceps or holding these girls up in each arm.

bodybuilding fashion5Roger Estape : Sporting the stache
bodybuilding fashion6

Posing in spandex

bodybuilding fashion7

Rockin’ spandex

bodybuilding fashion8

Young Lee Priest with sunglasses

bodybuilding fashion9

Training calves at muscle beach

bodybuilding fashion10

Muscle beach

bodybuilding fashion11

Lee Priest rocking fashion

bodybuilding fashion12

Definitely 80’s

bodybuilding fashion13

Ridin dat bicycle

bodybuilding fashion14

Victor Richards from Sweden?

bodybuilding fashion15

Zebra tank top

bodybuilding fashion16

Pink spandex, very cool!

bodybuilding fashion17

Bug guns, big glasses

bodybuilding fashion18

Bodybuilding gangsta

bodybuilding fashion19

Arnold doing his thing in the 80’s

bodybuilding fashion20

More Zebra

bodybuilding fashion21

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