Tavi Castro Is Now A DJ and His New Music Video Is Actually Really Good

Tavi Castro Is Now A DJ and His New Music Video Is Actually Really Good

Tavi Castro pictured with his new Maserati wearing clothing from his successful company: Body-Engineers

You probably know who Tavi Castro is by now.

He’s one of the most inspirational guys in the fitness industry at the moment.

You’ve probably seen some “Instagram fitness” celebrities boast about their new cars and apartments all over social media. Well, Tavi Castro is one of them. But he’s one of the few that’s ACTUALLY successful in real life and not just on social media.

He started from the bottom with his clothing company: Body Engineers a few years back and now the company gets hundreds of orders every single day.

His has work has given him the chance to live an incredible lifestyle while helping and inspiring others to achieve their goals as well.

He worked day and night to make Body Engineers successful and Tavi had to give a up a lot of things in order to make his business become so successful.

One of the things he had to sell in order to afford a new batch of clothing at the beginning stages of his company was his DJ set. Few people knew that one of Tavi’s first inspirations was to become a successful DJ and NOT a fitness model.

And as he became more rich and famous he started feeling the pressure.

Tavi Castro was left for dead in his car crash
Tavi Castro was left for dead in his car crash

At one dark moment in his life Tavi crashed his new car and had a near death experience.

He has described that moment as a wake up call that life is too short to not follow all your dreams.

That’s when he decied that he was going start working less, travel more and follow his childhood dream to become a successful DJ.

Well, it looks like he’s managed to do that!

His new song: SURVIVE is really good.

I’ve been bumping his song in my car now for a few days and it gets better and better with ever listen.

But the part is actually the music video….. You’ll find out why as soon as you hit that play button….. 😉 Hint: it involves a squat booty.

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