Sweet 16’s: Great Bicep Finisher For Mind Blowing Size

Sweet 16’s: Great Bicep Finisher For Mind Blowing Size

One of the typical frustrations guys have with their physique has to do with their arms, almost every guy out there believes that their arms just aren’t big enough. And for good reason, when you think about it your arms are one of the most impressive areas of your body, and given their high visibility and superficiality, they signify strength unlike any other body part. When you take that into consideration why wouldn’t you want to build a pair of impressive arms?  But in order to attain a massive pair of arms you must make sure you are working both the short head or outer bicep and the long head or inner bicep. Chris Jones of BeastModeTraining recently posted a video providing a highly effective bicep finisher that focuses on hitting both the short and long head of the bicep. It is called – Sweet 16’s because of the fact that you perform 16 repetitions per set.  Incorporating Sweet 16’s into the end of your bicep or back day will lead to you achieving an epic pump and help you get that much closer to building a pair of arms that will make every guy on the beach jealous.

Check out Chris Jones break down the effective finisher in the video below

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