Swedish Man Arrested By Police Because His Muscles Are Big

Swedish Man Arrested Because ‘His Muscle Are Too Big’, Police Searched His Place and Found What?

After seeing a man on the street they considered “unusually large”, police in Malmö suspected the man had been doping and investigated his apartment – confirming their suspicions.

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Police in Malmö, southern Sweden, asked the muscly man on the street if he had been taking performance enhancing drugs.

The man evaded the questions, prompting police to search his apartment.

There, police found nearly 20,000 pills of various kinds and multiple bottles containing performance enhancing drugs, local paper Skånska Dagbladet reported.

The man has confessed to using several of the compounds, but claimed he had never intended to sell them. However, 150,000 kronor ($21,000) in cash and packaging materials in the apartment led the court to believe otherwise.

The man’s text messages also revealed he had been in contact with people wanting to purchase dope.

A woman also lived in the two-room apartment, and claimed she was aware of the substances in her home but denied any involvement. The court has now sentenced the man to one year and nine months in jail, and the woman to one year and six months.

Earlier this year police in Lund dragged another muscular man in for steroid testing, but got their knuckles rapped by the Justice Ombudsman (Justititeombudsmannen – JO), which said that big muscles are not adequate grounds for arrest.

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6 thoughts on “Swedish Man Arrested Because ‘His Muscle Are Too Big’, Police Searched His Place and Found What?”

  1. Avatar

    That violates just about every consititutional right known to man. that would never fly in the usa. Not a chance.

    1. Avatar
      Neno Dimitrov

      Actually your Government fines people for not mowing their lawns, so I’m pretty sure the police’s hands are itchy for arresting some of those steroid-muscle mountains

      1. Avatar

        The municipality issues the citations not the police. A front lawn is in public display and does not require anything but a glance to see. If your apartment door is wide open and mountains of steroids are sitting on the floor in plain view it might be equivalent to your otherwise silly lawn comparison. I doubt many police are itching to search a body builders apartment. With other little issues such as heroin becoming a huge problem.

  2. Avatar
    Bobby Booshey

    I like how other countries are trying to be cool like the US and put steroids on the controlled substance lists, at the same levels of real drugs that actually have drastic mind altering effects like heroin and cocaine, like it’s even fucking comparable. I don’t use that shit but I don’t see a problem with the people who do, how are guys getting obnoxiously big ruining society?

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