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Supplements That Actually Help You Get Results FASTER!

supplement guidesThe supplement industry is valued at about $150,000,000,000 USD (that’s 150 billion).

When you have an industry this big, there’s going to be A LOT of competition between the companies. You wouldn’t believe how much shit they throw at each other just to get their product in front of you first.

Especially today when you have social media to get your products noticed in an instant.

Unfortunately does this usually result in either:

1. Companies have to make ridiculous and exaggerated claims about their products to get you to buy.


2. They have to cut down on the quality of the ingredients in order to make a profit.

So, there’s no wonder you haven’t been able to get the results you were hoping for when you bought supplements in the past.

They either made ridiculous claims so your expectations were unrealistic or the quality of the product wasn’t good.


Even though the majority of supplement companies out there SUCK.. Not all of them are bad.

But how can you find the needles in the haystack?

Well, I’ve done the research already.

I’ve been bodybuilding for 15 years now, and have tried almost every single product out there.

On top of that I can not count how many boring scientific studies I’ve read about supplements.

Let’s just say I don’t have a big social life ;).

So, on this page you will find independently researched articles that uncover the truth about each of the more popular supplement categories, and I show you the top 3 to 10 supplements for each product category!


Most popular supplements

Pre workout supplements

Post workout supplements

HGH supplements

Whey protein

All supplements

BCAA supplements

Multivitamins for men

Multivitamins for women

Nootropic supplements

Vegan protein powder

Pre workout fat burner

Sleep supplements

Liquid collagen supplements

Protein bars

CLA supplements

Supplements based on goal

Bulking supplements

Keto diet supplements

Crossfit supplements

Powerlifting supplements

Workout supplements

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