Strategies To Turbo Charge Muscle Growth - Top 6 Tricks

6 Strategies To Turbo Charge Muscle Growth

If you have have been going to the gym for awhile and have learnt how you can apply strategies to turbo charge muscle growth or your metabolism, if so then you’ve probably drawn some attention from others. Some might congratulate you, others might pretend they don’t notice anything out of pure jealousy.

Then you have that other group who feels the need to tell you their entire life story – they go to the gym, eat healthy but simply can’t make any progress.

What’s interesting is that they seem to know what they are talking about to a certain degree. They know what they should be eating and the type of exercises they should be performing – but they are still rocking the “dad bod”.

How is it that they can be so knowledgeable on fitness and nutrition yet have such poor progress? Unfortunately knowledge doesn’t equal results – you need to actually be applying what you know day after day.

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That kind of discipline is where people fail – that’s why those fitness experts are still skinny fat. However, you also have people at the opposite end of the spectrum who take it to an extreme and spend every waking moment working out at the gym – yet they see minimal improvements in their physiques.

The problem with fitness is that it is very easy to hit a plateau. You might be making progress under a particular routine and diet only to see it suddenly stagnate after a few months.

Unfortunately plateauing is inevitable in bodybuilding and this is where most people fall off. It can be very frustrating to put in hard work with your diet and training only to see your progress stall – so it’s not hard to see why people get discouraged and eventually stop going to the gym altogether.

So whether you hit a plateau after a few months or a year, today we are going to put together some tips for you to break through it and continue to make those gains.

Top 6 Strategies To Turbo Charge Muscle Growth

1. Change Things Up!

This should go without saying, but if your body is no longer progressing from the same old training method – it’s time to change things up. After all, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting to achieve different results.

Unfortunately it’s all too common to see guys do the same exercises for the same weight and reps over and over again even though they haven’t progressed in months. They know they aren’t seeing the changes they want in their body but keep going to the gym plowing away hoping that things will change eventually – yeah, sure they will.

That’s not to say you should switch workout programs every other week. When you do find a workout program and it works for you then stick to it – until you stop seeing the gains.

At that point, switch things up! Your body has adapted to that previous program and found a way to get through it without taxing your body enough to grow.

Find a new program and switch to it.

2. Find Yourself a New Program

It’s important that when you go into the gym every day you know exactly what you are doing. If you are just showing up and winging it you won’t be getting the type of progress you are looking for.

Programs work because they are structured to force your body to grow as you increase the intensity of your workouts over time. Fortunately thanks to Al Gore we have something called the internet which is great for finding bodybuilding resources.

There are tons of great sites out there – some of them are almost as good as this one – for finding new routines and programs. Many of these programs are targeted towards helping people with specific issues they are facing.

For example, there are programs geared towards people who are skinny-fat, hard gainers and endomorphs. Figure out what your issue is (if you haven’t already done so) and find a program that addresses your specific needs.

Most people choose their workout program based on what they read in some bodybuilding magazine. After all, if Jay Cutler is on the cover and there are pictures of him performing the exercises then it must be good, right?

Well the truth is that this routine is something one of the editors made up on the spot and certainly hasn’t been proven to make significant gains. We can say with certainty that it’s not the workout that Jay Cutler performs when he is working out on his own.

He has his own program that addresses his specific needs and it changes over time depending on what his problem areas are.

On another note, even if you do come across Jay Cutler’s actual program you STILL shouldn’t be doing it. Why? Because you AREN’T JAY CUTLER. He’s a massive dude with years of training – his needs are likely way different than yours.

He already has a massive base of muscle mass which is why he spends more time doing isolation exercises – so he can focus on those problem areas. If you are relatively new to bodybuilding or are skinny fat then your entire body is a problem area and therefore your workout should be built around compound exercises.

So let’s say you finally find a program that is designed for your particular body and goals. Stick to this workout for as long as you are making gains. Once your body starts to adapt to the program re-assess where you are at and start looking at making changes or adopting an entirely new program.

After all, this is where a lot of people fall off – they stop making progress under the same old program but they stick to it and eventually get discouraged. They start going to the gym less or maybe even stop going altogether.

After all, what’s the point in going to the gym if you aren’t making gains? And that is why this is one of the best strategies to turbo charge muscle growth.

3. Track Your Workouts

best ways to turbo charge your muscle growth

This is probably one of the most important pieces of advice we can keep you to make sure you continue to make gains. We’ve told you time and time again that progressive overload is key to growing. However, how can you be sure you are making progress if you aren’t actually tracking your workouts? How long have you been benching 185lbs for?

Only way to tell is to actually look back at your log and see! If you go back and see you have been benching 185 for the past 3 months you know you need to change something up. However, without a log you can’t tell these things are therefore it becomes far more difficult to identify problem areas.

You should also use a log to track weight, measurements and even diet. It might seem nerdy to bring a guide with you to the gym but you will be glad you did when you see the gains you are making.

Fortunately there are a lot of great apps available on your phone for tracking your progress if you don’t want to carry a notebook around every day. Just one piece of advice – when you are at the gym try not to get distracted with texting that “heavenly blessed beauty” from tinder rather than focusing on your lifts.

At the end of every month, 6 weeks, or whatever you define as a training block compare how your lifts have gone up. How much weight are you benching? For how many reps and sets?

How does that compare to last month? If all of your lifts are virtually identical to the previous month then don’t expect much change in your body. This is very helpful because you can identify plateaus quickly and adapt.

The guy next to you who doesn’t track his workouts might take months to figure it out!

4. Track Your Diet

Hands down one of the best ways to turbo charge your muscle growth.

Way too many guys don’t do this and they simply aren’t maximizing their potential. You might eat healthy but if you aren’t actually tracking your calories how do you know if you are eating the right amount?

It’s so frustrating to find out months after the fact you didn’t gain any size because you weren’t consuming enough calories. Your diet was clean, your workouts were solid but you didn’t eat a calorie surplus and therefore didn’t grow.


To make matters worse, even if you are on a strict paleo diet and avoided all junk food you can actually gain fat if your calories are high. Remember fatty foods are high in calories so eating a few too many cups of almonds can put you way over maintenance.

Eating tons of healthy food doesn’t ensure you will only put on muscle and burn fat – you need to be eating the right amounts.

Fortunately you can avoid being one of the countless brahs out there who shoot themselves in the foot by messing up their diet. By tracking calories you can be sure you are staying within your target range.

You will need to know the exact protein carb and fat contents but this information is easily obtained online. It’s actually not even as difficult as it seems. It only take a few minutes of your day to do the calculations and write things down – a small price to pay to be sure you are staying in the ideal calorie range.

It will also reduce your likelihood of cheating. When you see how many calories that ice cream will add to your daily tracker you will be less inclined to eat it.

Not to mention the discipline you gain from progressing in the gym can and will translate to other areas of your life.

If you are able to track all of your calories and stay on a workout plan making sure you progress over time who’s to say you can’t progress in other areas of your life as well?

A lot of career and education success boils down to your discipline and dedication. Coming into work early every day and outperforming your peers, or studying an extra two hours per night to finish at the top of your class.

These path to these types of achievements are not much different than those you take to be a successful bodybuilder.

5. Surround Yourself With Bigger Guys

Strategies To Turbo Charge Muscle Growth

This might not sound important, but it will definitely help you progress. If you’ve been working out at Planet Fitness for the last few years and somehow managed to make solid gains without setting off the lunk alarm then you probably have a great reputation at the gym.

You are the aesthetic guy (there would be others if they didn’t get banned for setting off the alarm). You probably get tons of validation from the skinny-fat guys who want to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

Hard to find motivation to workout when you are already the most aesthetic guy at the gym right? Well, you can change that pretty quickly by switching gyms.

Go across town to that hardcore, grungy gym that is full of massive guys. Chances are you will actually be one of the smallest people there.

Remember how you were able to bench the 100lb dumbbells for reps?

Well, this hardcore gym has dumbbells going up to 200lb and guess what, there are guys lifting them. All of a sudden you don’t have such a great body and actually need to work hard to start catching up to some of the other guys.

Seeing some of those better physiques will motivate you to work harder. After all, remember that Arnold and all the top bodybuilders used to work out at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach so that they could be around the top guys in the sport.

It helped keep them motivated to work their hardest when they saw how other guys were progressing. Would they have made it as far if they were working at their local YMCA? Probably not.

Do you feel like your training has stalled a bit and you are getting too comfortable? Are there no guys at the gym as big as you? Are you already lifting the largest dumbbells?

Well then it might be time to switch gyms.

This will take you out of your comfort zone and put you around serious bodybuilders. You’ll have to do all the strategies to turbo charge muscle growth that we mention in this article if you want to keep up with those guys!

6. Testosterone

We’re not going to lie to you like most other muscle building blogs.

Testosterone is the single most important hormone when it comes to building muscle and losing fat. If your levels are low it will absolutely jeopardize your gains, so if you suspect yours might be low get them checked.

There are a number of ways you can bring your levels up.

One of them is taking steroids.

But that’s one of the dumbest things you could ever do to your body.

First of all it actually messes with your body’s own natural testosterone production, but it also can come with nasty side effects such as man-boobs and baldness.

Besides the supplement industry has already developed safe and natural supplements that supercharge your bodies OWN natural testosterone production.

And that is what a testosterone boosting supplement with natural ingredients can do. This will help your body naturally produce more testosterone on it’s own so that your gains will be permanent and your higher t-levels will be sustainable.

Just make sure that your supplement contains these proven ingredients in our testosterone boosting guide. Because some supplements companies put ineffective fillers in theirs.


Don’t get discouraged by plateaus – they happen to everyone (including former Olympia winners). By tracking your progress and staying on top of your diet you can identify these plateaus right away and work to break right through them.

When you follow these strategies to turbo charge muscle growth you will start seeing noticeable amounts of lean muscle mass starting to appear on your body every week.

The less time you spend sitting at each plateau and the faster you can get back to making gains the more muscle you will put on over time. Remember not to stick to the same old plan forever if you are getting stuck at your current weight/rep/set level for all or most exercises. Finally, work out with guys who are as big or bigger than you are to force you to perform at your highest level.

Take it a step further by joining the most hardcore bodybuilding gym you can find in your area and make sure your t-levels are at their highest natural level.

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